With LOGO! 8.3, the popular Siemens small controller is connected to the cloud  

With LOGO! 8.3, the popular Siemens small controller is connected to the cloud

The LOGO! 8 series from Siemens has always been a perfect option for users who wanted to solve small automation projects quickly, easily and in a space-saving way. With the LOGO! 8.3 version, the smallest of the Siemens control modules can now also be connected to the cloud. This offers users in industry, building automation and agriculture even more flexibility and efficiency. LOGO! 8.3 is accompanied by intuitive software and can be expanded at any time thanks to its modular structure.

With cloud connection for more efficiency and flexibility

The new version 8.3 has a cloud connection, bringing the possibilities of a smart factory to even the most compact automation project.

For example, measured values for key indicators of the condition of a machine or plant can be collected and evaluated to prevent errors as well as damage and thus costly downtime.

Whereas the LOGO! controller previously had to be stopped in order to access and manage the data, the cloud now offers the possibility of accessing the collected data during operation through live access.

Access to applications can be set up via many different end devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets thanks to cloud integration. This makes work faster, more efficient and more flexible for employees. It is possible to create multiple dashboards with different permissions for different employees.

Stand-alone applications without a cloud often have to be created with a lot of configuration effort, for example when it comes to settings for the firewall, port forwarding or VPN. In a cloud environment, on the other hand, the creation of new smart applications involves hardly any configuration effort.

Simple and intuitive use

Like its predecessors, LOGO! 8.3 offers intuitive and uncomplicated configuration and operation via the familiar interface. The LOGO! Web Editor V1.1 visualises cloud data and lets the user easily add new cloud services. Those who are already familiar with the LOGO! 8 series will have no problem installing and operating the LOGO! 8.3 model.

Currently, Logo! 8.3 can be used with a connection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Connections to other cloud providers such as MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens, or the Alibaba cloud are planned. Thanks to the MQTT protocol, the module is basically open for all cloud platforms.

Versatile application areas

In industry, the LOGO! series shows its strengths in small, self-sufficient production machines or handling machines, for example when it comes to controlling pumps or ventilation, compressor changeover switching, temperature monitoring and control, energy measurement and many other applications.

In building automation, LOGO! can control street and building lighting, motion detectors, garage doors or barriers, for example. But the control modules can also be used for water management, such as cistern control, or energy optimisation for heating and ventilation, and increase living comfort and safety.

In addition to energy consumption monitoring, areas of application in agriculture include, for example, sprinkler systems, drying systems for grain or potatoes, silo systems or temperature control in stables.


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