Professional quality assurance with tempmate® data loggers  

Professional quality assurance with tempmate® data loggers

Quality, integrity and reliability – this is what many customers attach the greatest importance to in their products. If one of these characteristics is defective or not present at all, this often results in dissatisfaction with the product or manufacturer and a loss of trust in the retailer.

Especially in times of transparent data collection in real time and cloud-based control systems, dealers, producers and forwarders can reliably counteract the uncertainties in the supply chain.
In this way your customer receives his goods in the best possible quality and you as the shipper not only keep track of the status of the transport, but also of the condition of your goods at all times. With our innovative data loggers from tempmate® you will find the right product for your purpose.

Optimal storage as part of quality assurance

The diversity of goods and transport conditions in the international movement of goods requires individual control options. The quality assurance of your goods already starts with the storage.
Particularly particularly sensitive goods such as food or pharmaceutical products sometimes react sensitively to fluctuating environmental conditions such as humidity, incidence of light and temperature.
This leads not only to a reduced quality of the goods up to their uselessness, but also to a loss of value, which you can avoid efficiently and economically with tempmate® data loggers.

Process control in demanding industrial environments

Continuous measurements are also often an advantage in industrial environments. The recording, evaluation and evaluation of measured values have long been established in the optimization of manufacturing processes.

This often requires particularly robust and resistant logging systems directly on the production line, which can withstand even high temperatures and extreme degrees of contamination.
The tempmate® data loggers also offer you solutions for this area of application, which measure in detail and reliably even under adverse conditions and provide you with real-time information through a cloud based system.
This means that you always have comprehensive information about the condition of your system and can react more quickly to any problems that may arise.

Monitoring the cold chain according to HACCP

Transport is particularly costly and time-consuming when a seamless cold chain is required. In addition to energy costs for maintaining a constantly low temperature, the continuous monitoring and final inspection of temperature-sensitive goods is a major cost factor.

In principle, random checks are sufficient, but in the area of food safety you should also ensure compliance with the HACCP concept. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. The smart data loggers from tempmate® help you to meet these requirements throughout the entire supply chain.

Before shipment, you enclose a disposable temperature indicator with your shipment. This ensures maximum security for the end customer when assessing product quality, since a status LED can be used to check directly whether limit values have been exceeded or undercut.

During transport, you can also use one of the smart tempmate®-GS data loggers to check and document the status of your cold chain in real time.

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