Planning and implementing garden lighting is so easy  

Planning and implementing garden lighting is so easy

The days are getting longer, the last snow is melting in the higher regions – in short: a new garden season is just around the corner. Many garden owners take this as an opportunity to rethink and optimise their garden design. This also includes well thought-out garden lighting.

The lighting sector in particular is often overlooked when planning the right planting, the layout of paths, seating areas or the installation of a garden pond or water feature. But that takes revenge. Once the garden has been laid out, it used to be very tedious and often costly to install the necessary cabling.

Many garden lovers are faced with the great challenge of implementing their lighting ideas after all. Because one thing is certain: the lighting contributes decisively to the ambience in the green.

How to get started?

Paulmann’s Plug & Shine configurator provides you with an online tool for garden lighting planning that makes it easy for you to plan lighting for different garden areas in a well thought-out way.

The associated Plug & Shine lighting system also offers a large number of luminaires that put outdoor areas in the right light. The 24-volt DC technology offers maximum safety and flexibility when laying luminaires thanks to a simple plug-in system. A garden light installation can easily be put together from a wide variety of luminaires, cables and transformers, which can also be easily retrofitted.

Garden is not garden

There are four main areas that all have different requirements in terms of illuminance and design:

  • Garage entrance
  • Routes
  • Terraces
  • Beds that are to be accentuated with light


Lighting for the garage entrance

A property or garage entrance is certainly not the right place for romantic lighting. Brightness and comprehensive illumination are in demand here.

For this purpose, Paulmann offers the Plug&Shine recessed floor luminaire IP67 3000K 38° 6W 24V Silver, an especially suitable model for driveways. Thanks to the special robustness (load capacity up to 500kg) and the possibility to let it completely into the floor and still swivel up to 20 degrees, it is a very practical LED light. It is stainless, waterproof and dustproof. Furthermore, it emits warm white light at 3000 Kelvin and does not mind if a car overruns it.

Garden lighting for paths

In case of doubt, stumbling hazards on a poorly illuminated way to the front door can become very expensive. A central concern in the planning of outdoor lighting should therefore be to design sufficiently bright path lighting that covers all pathways.

Ideally, the luminaire should be activated automatically in combination with a motion detector. The Plug&Shine bollard luminaire Cone IP67 4.3W 24V 90° Anthracite, made of weather-resistant die-cast aluminium, offers a beam angle of 90 degrees and can therefore safely illuminate walkways with a very attractive timeless modern design.

Terraces with ambience

Terraces are particularly suitable for atmospheric luminaires that create a pleasant atmosphere and accompany the evening glass of red wine in a relaxed atmosphere with warm-white illumination wherever possible.

Increasingly, chains of lights are also being used for this purpose, which can be attached decoratively to a terrace partition, a nearby shrub or even to the house wall. Here too Paulmann offers a solution: the Plug&Shine light chain IP44, 3000K, with 7 lamps.

Garden ensembles with lighting accents

Garden areas whose special planting or special design is to be accentuated by light have completely different requirements for luminaires, such as a garage entrance. The aim here is to create a relaxed atmosphere and to set visual accents in the dark by emphasising plants, garden design elements or garden sheds.

As with the Plug&Shine light object Stone IP67, 3000K, Ø 35 cm, the outdoor luminaire itself can become an object in the overall design, or spots such as the Plug&Shine earth spike Cone IP67, 6.8 W, 18° can be chosen, which discreetly remain in the background and direct their luminosity towards particularly beautiful elements of the garden.

And it’s as simple as that

Especially the variability and the easy handling of the plug-in system make Plug&Shine the perfect solution for your own implementation of an outdoor lighting system. The 24-volt DC voltage meets the high safety requirements for humans and animals. The extensive range of luminaires also includes attractive outdoor lamps for amateurs in the field of electrics, which are then simply placed in the garden.

The next step is to put together an individual suitable cable system up to a maximum length of 50 metres and select the appropriate transformer according to the overall line. All you then need is an external socket. Plugged in and done!

The cable makes the difference

The cables with IP protection class 68 are optimally protected against water. Devices and luminaires certified to IP protection class 67 or higher are not only protected against water jets and foreign bodies, they also survive brief submersion – recognisable by the number 7. You can find out more about IP protection classes here in the magazine.

As a simple plug-in system, the cables can be easily laid above and below ground without any previous knowledge. In addition, the system can be flexibly expanded at any time up to a maximum total output of 150 watts. Depending on the cable, up to seven luminaires and accessories can be connected directly to a branch socket without the need for additional connectors. Unused branches of the branch socket are simply closed with the supplied cover caps.

Power carrier Transformer

Depending on the power requirement, one of the three available transformers is selected, which all have IP protection class 44 and are thus protected against splash water. For the two larger models, there are also special covers in system colour that integrate discreetly and tastefully into the surroundings.

Comfortable steering made easy

One or more controllers can be integrated into the wiring harness for convenient control of the entire exterior lighting of the Plug&Shine system. This allows the outdoor light to be dimmed easily or switched on and off using a remote control. The remote control addresses any number of controllers in up to four different groups.

A memory effect ensures that the last setting is taken over again. And so, even after the last snow has disappeared and before the plants have regained their full splendour, you can easily, safely and stylishly provide sufficient light in the dark in all outdoor areas. You will find a detailed article on what you should consider when planning your outdoor lighting in this article in our online magazine.

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