Now at reichelt: Lithium batteries from Tadiran  

Now at reichelt: Lithium batteries from Tadiran

Battery manufacturer Tadiran has always distinguished itself through high-quality power supply solutions for professional use. At Reichelt you will find lithium batteries from Tadiran in industrial quality, which show their strengths especially in long-term use with low current strengths. In addition to various designs and versions with solder tags, each model series offers special additional features that meet individual requirements.

The SL-300 series, for example, has been specially developed for normal and buffer operation. If you are working in an environment with elevated temperatures, the SL-500 series, which reliably supplies energy up to 130 °C ambient temperature, is the ideal solution. The advanced SL-700 series, on the other hand, is equipped with improved voltage delay at the start of medium current (TMV) discharge.

Our current Tadiran range can be found here.



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