Maintenance under water made easy – with an underwater drone  

Maintenance under water made easy – with an underwater drone

Those who wanted to know what the world looks like under water had to dive down by themselves. An underwater drone does the work for you. This makes it easy and time-saving to control underwater systems.

Use for the drone under water

Whether in water collection systems, barrages or swimming pools – the maintenance and control of underwater systems is often associated with high expenditure. You need a diver who dives into all the areas to be inspected. In some cases the operation has to be interrupted in order to protect the diver’s health.

The underwater drone is a good possibility to take a look under the water surface from a dry point of view. For example, it is ideal for controlling drains in a swimming pool.

Gladius Mini50 – Underwater drone for versatile applications

4K Videos from depth

The Gladius Mini50 underwater drone can be used for professional purposes due to its high resolution and easy control. The 4K Ultra HD camera delivers sharp images that can be transferred directly to a screen or to up to three smartphones or tablets simultaneously.

Manoeuvrable navigation

The drone dives up to 50 meters deep and moves at a speed of 2 meters per second. Like a submarine, it can ascend and descend vertically or be fixed at a certain depth. In addition, the drone has five stabilizing propellers. This enables the 2.5 kilogram, compact drone (385 x 226 x 138 mm) to be steered at high speed.

Easy to handle controls

A remote control ensures exact control. Alternatively, the smartphone can also be used. With an adjustable tilt angle of 45 degrees upwards or downwards, surfaces and objects can be examined precisely. The tilt lock enables the drone to hold the defined angle of inclination even when swivelling sideways.

Accessories for extensions

The Gladius Mini50 underwater drone is equipped with a 50 metre long cable. If you want to dive deeper, you can connect an extension cable that extends the range of the camera to 100 meters. The drone can be safely stowed in the matching backpack.



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