Load photos onto the digital picture frame at lightning speed, regardless of location!  

Load photos onto the digital picture frame at lightning speed, regardless of location!

Often unforgettable pictures are created on the way, unfortunately most of them get dusty after a single viewing in the smartphone. Only a few make it into a photo book and few are printed, hung up or given away. A digital photo frame is the perfect solution for those who want more of their photos.

Share moments as they arise

Through social media you can keep your family, friends and acquaintances up to date and let them participate in your own life. Usually the shared moment disappears among hundreds of others and reaches no one personally. In the flood of pictures and news, the picture gets only a fraction of the attention hoped for.

With the digital picture frame and a new concept, the developers of Framen want to counteract this transience and fast pace of the moment. It enables you to load your pictures directly onto the picture frame via the app even when you are on the move. For example, new pictures of the grandchildren can always be displayed in the grandparents’ living room.

For companies, for example, the picture frame offers the opportunity to flexibly display new work samples in the shop window. In addition to the obvious use in the shop window or at trade fairs, frames can also be used for a varied decoration of hotel rooms or waiting rooms. Artists, designers, architects or craft businesses such as joineries or bathroom installers can use the frame to present work samples or their own works in an appealing way.

Framen Player – stylish living accessory paired with the best technology

Elegant design and pictures in best quality

The digital picture frame captivates by its simple appearance. The real wood frame is available in black or white. With its matt 21.5-inch IPS display, your pictures will also come into their own thanks to Full HD. The Framen Player offers a perfect photo experience from almost any angle with a wide viewing angle of 80 degrees in all directions.

To keep power consumption to a minimum, the digital picture frame also has a motion sensor. This means that pictures are only played back when there are people in the room.

No more boredom in the picture frame

With the app of Framen you can not only transfer your own pictures to the picture frame quickly, easily and remotely, there is also a large photo library. You can compile a picture playlist or play one of the more than 100,000 lists provided on the Frames Player. This service is easy to use from your smartphone or website.

Cover picture: Framen


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