Is the Rock Pi a powerful alternative to the Raspberry Pi?  

Is the Rock Pi a powerful alternative to the Raspberry Pi?

The Rock Pi from Radxa is a particularly powerful single board computer for anyone planning challenging projects. What’s particularly interesting about Rock Pi is that you have several choices: Model A is the basic version with a powerful RK3399 Rockchip and Ethernet connection. Model B also includes WiFi, a Bluetooth connection and optional PoE.

Both models are available with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB DDR4 memory. This results in six different options – depending on the requirements. The most popular product of these six variants is the Rock Pi 4 B 4GB.

Powerful development board

Both the Rock Pi 4 A and 4 B have a Rockchip Hexa-Core-CPU and thus bring a clear plus in computing power compared to other developer boards. Up to 4GB RAM ensure fast and trouble-free data processing.

In addition, the memory capacity of the Rock Pi can be expanded via the eMMC onboard slot. Another option is to expand up to 2TB with an M.2 SSD hard drive – this requires an expansion board.

Further features of the Rock Pi

Another highlight is the Internet connection: both model A and model B of the Rock Pi have a real Gigabit LAN. For comparison: The Raspberry Pi only transmits at a speed of 300 Mbit.
Model B is also WLAN-enabled (with 2G and 5G standards). Data is also transferred via Bluetooth 5.0.
Both models have an HDMI 2.0 interface (4k at 60Hz).


To prevent overheating of the board or the CPU at full load, a suitable CPU cooler should be installed. The operating system Debian Desktop OS for the Rock Pi ensures uncomplicated commissioning. As with other developer boards, you need a power supply, USB cable and a case – practically all available in a bundle.

Additional accessories such as an expansion memory or an eMMC expansion card for the Micro SD slot offer additional expansion options.
An RTC battery can activate the Rock Pi’s RTC function.

If you want to add several extensions, you have to make sure that the accessories are compatible with each other. If, for example, you want to install a cooler and a shield, you’ll be running out of space. Spacers provide a remedy here.


The Rock Pi is a flexible and powerful control element for makers, hobby electronics engineers and PC builders, which with its performance and fast Internet connection can realize a wealth of ideas.


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