First intelligent language assistant for drivers  

First intelligent language assistant for drivers

Using the mobile phone while driving is not only negligent, it is also forbidden. Nevertheless, many drivers find it difficult to keep their hands off their smartphone.

The start-up German Autolabs from Berlin has the solution to the problem: The first language assistant worldwide especially for car drivers, via which the Android smartphone (7.1.1 or higher) can be controlled by voice and gestures. “Chris” is the name of the new passenger and has the advantage that the eyes remain on the road while driving.

Quick and easy installation

Chris” is launched via the app, which can be downloaded easily and free of charge from the Google Play Store. The small design device itself measures only 9.0 x 9.0 x 4.4 cm. It can easily be retrofitted in any car by attaching it to the windscreen.

It’s that easy:

– attach the suction cup holder
– plug the cable into the cigarette lighter socket
– pair the smart device with the Android smartphone via Bluetooth
Thanks to a magnetic contact, the 250 g light device can also be removed from the holder at any time.



Intuitive operation of the assistant

When the Language Assistant is installed, it is easy to control while driving: Natural speech recognition does not require fixed commands. Only “Hey Chris” is the device’s defined wake-up call.
Thanks to the built-in high-resolution gesture sensor, many commands can also be communicated using gestures. For example, by wiping a song you can jump on or browse through the contacts. Playback is stopped with a high-five.

With the voice assistant, you can send or answer WhatsApp messages and SMS messages, play music from your mobile phone, and make phone calls via the built-in hands-free kit – comfortably and securely. The integrated navigation with maps from all over the world is also completely voice-controlled, every turn is announced and the display always gives an overview. This video illustrates the intuitive handling.


What else “Chris” has to offer

Practical: “Chris” also works offline, without an internet connection. This means that drivers can rely on their smart co-drivers even when they’re in a dead zone or in a multi-storey car park.

The small mini-computer speaks German and English – for the UK and US markets. The expansion to other languages is currently planned. As soon as these are available, they will – like all other updates – be conveniently installed via OTA (Over-The-Air).
The driver doesn’t have to worry about anything and can concentrate fully on driving and traffic.

Cover picture: Hey Chris




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