Efficient power supply for your business  

Efficient power supply for your business

Ever increasing demands on man and machine are shaping the age of digitization and industry 4.0. This is accompanied by an ever more efficient use of resources, ranging from large production plants in industry to the smallest assemblies in the electronics sector. This also includes ever more compact devices and machines, whose circuit diagrams must become ever more sophisticated and space-saving.

The biggest problem in the production of ever more powerful electronic devices in a shrinking space is the power supply of the components. To enable you to master these increasingly complex projects with clever solutions, we have extended our range of products from the manufacturer TRACO POWER by more than 120 products.

No matter whether you need the smallest DC/DC converters in a square housing, use an AC/DC converter as an open frame for installation in your own devices or are looking for power supplies specially developed for the medical sector – you will find what you are looking for here!




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