Ecological and economical printing thanks to EcoTank  

Ecological and economical printing thanks to EcoTank

Today, decisions in many companies are not always made on the basis of purely economic considerations – environmental awareness is also playing an increasingly important role. A starting point for saving costs and protecting the environment is, for example, the high consumption of resources in printing.

The printer models of the Epson ET-M series are all equipped with a refillable ink tank. Thanks to the large capacity and long range, it is rarely necessary to fill in new ink – thus eliminating unnecessary plastic packaging. In addition, printing can reduce energy consumption by up to 95 percent compared to comparable mono laser printers.

Lower operating costs

In addition to ecological advantages, the printers also offer economic advantages: Due to the low power consumption and the ink yield, the total operating costs are comparatively low. One ink fill is enough for up to 11,000 pages before refilling.
The purchase of the refill ink is also less expensive than buying the same amount of ink in printer cartridges. This can save up to 90 percent of the cost per printed page.

Easy to use

The EcoTank mono printers also impress with their high user-friendliness – so the initial setup is comparatively simple. Maintenance is also very straightforward as there is no need to constantly change toner cartridges. Once the ink is emptied, the new ink can be filled in easily and cleanly.

Higher productivity

Especially offices where many or very large prints are often made benefit from the time savings of the Epson ET-M printer series and can increase their productivity. The mono printers differ from conventional laser printers because of their fast response time and high printing speed. The warm-up time after switching on is just six seconds. Then it can be printed immediately – up to 20 pages per minute are possible.



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