Detect problem areas before it comes to a standstill  

Detect problem areas before it comes to a standstill

The effects of leaks in heating systems that are not detected in time are not only the massive loss of energy, but also the associated additional expense. This results in high costs and additional working time. In the worst case, short circuits in industrial plants can even lead to a standstill. Prevent these scenarios by identifying possible problem areas before you cause serious damage.

Advanced technology of new, compact thermal imaging cameras

Whether thermal bridges in buildings, leaks in heating systems or short circuits in industrial systems – a thermal imaging camera helps you quickly and easily with troubleshooting.
With the new ergonomically designed SHOT and SHOT PRO models from Seek Thermal you can work particularly efficiently and comfortably. With a sensor resolution of up to 320 x 240 pixels, you not only get a detailed thermal image, but you can also switch on a high-resolution visual image thanks to the in-house SeekFusion technology. You can adapt the superimposition of the image planes to your individual conditions and thus locate the source of the error within seconds. You can not only save your results on the internal memory, but also transfer them via Wi-Fi to mobile devices with SeekView app installed. This enables you to carry out a diagnosis even in hard-to-reach places and observe it from a distance via your smartphone or tablet.
These cameras make troubleshooting easier than ever.

Finally, thanks to them, there’s no reason to be affected by leaks!


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