Cutting, stripping, twisting and crimping with only one tool  

Cutting, stripping, twisting and crimping with only one tool

Wiring industrial plants and control cabinets is often a laborious task, which requires permanent work with the highest accuracy and consistent quality. The demands on a high-quality end result require not only concentration and precision, but also high-quality tools.

Previously, this had to be changed at every operation and was not very efficient. With the new improved all-rounder QUADRO Plus from JOKARI, you can perform four operations with one tool. This not only saves working time and costs, but also ensures fatigue-free wiring thanks to its ergonomics and ease of movement.

The QUADRO Plus from JOKARI scores above all with its combination of four different functions in one tool. With the integrated side cutter you can shorten wires up to 2.5 mm² before you remove the outer PVC sheathing of the cable with the integrated stripper. The integrated twisting system prevents the strand from splicing so that you can continue crimping directly. The crimping of wire end ferrules is carried out particularly quickly and with constant force and quality thanks to change magazines with strip material – no matter how many crimping operations you have to carry out in one working day.
A new function of the improved QUADRO Plus is the ratchet lock on the crimp jaws. This triggers when pressing is complete, so that too much force is never applied and the strand is not damaged.

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