Mini-PC – powerful performance in a compact format  

Mini-PC – powerful performance in a compact format

Mini-PCs are in demand like never before as they become even smaller and more powerful. They offer the same performance as a large-format personal computer, but have the advantage of smaller dimensions and lightweight design.

Here you can find out everything about Mini-PCs and why you can do without a “big box” in the future.

What can a Mini-PC do and what is it suitable for?

There are different categories of Mini-PCs, just as there are different models for different equipment for ‚normal‘ computers. Let’s take a look at the Zotac mini computers. Zotac has been producing Mini-PCs for eight years and has already made a name for itself among customers.

From office companion to workstation for the highest demands

Zotac’s ZBOX PI225 is the smallest PC in the world. It fits in your pocket and carries out all office tasks without any problems. In terms of performance, it is comparable to a Windows tablet – but handier.

There are also options available for work that requires more memory and a higher CPU clock rate. The C-Series from Zotac come with quad-core processors of the 8th generation. Here you can choose between i3, i5 and i7 processors.

The Zotac Q-Series is the first Mini-PC series to feature an NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics chip with Pascal™ architecture. It is well equipped for complex CAD models, video editing, virtual reality designs or complex rendering tasks.

How are Mini-PCs different to “normal” PCs

This brief insight into the world of Mini-PCs already shows that a compact format with high performance is possible. Everything that a “normal” PC can do today can be done by a Mini-PC as well.

In addition, its compact size offers further application possibilities when space is at a premium. For example, you can use the especially small and flat Mini-PCs for digital signage, as they fit behind the flat screens of digital billboards.

What advantages does a Mini-PC offer?

There are many other advantages that a Mini-PC offers.

1. Space-saving

Above all is its space-saving design. A Mini-PC can be mounted hanging without any problems – some models already come with a VESA mount, so they can be easily attached to the back of a monitor. This ensures a clean, tidy workplace.

2. Mobile

Due to its compact and lightweight format, the Mini-PC is also easy to take with you. It’s easy to find a monitor which can be connected to the device.

3. Energy Saving

A big advantage of Mini-PCs is their low power consumption. Even when idle, they consume less than 10 watts.

4. Low noise

Both the P and C Series from Zotac are fanless and therefore completely silent. This ensures a particularly pleasant working environment.

Which Mini-PC is right for me?

Which Mini-PC is right for you? Just like with a normal PC, this is above all an individual decision – depending on requirements, needs and budget.
The ZBOX PI225 is an interesting option for anyone looking for a reliable PC that they can use for office applications:

At 95 x 63 x 8 mm, it is currently the smallest PC in the world and fits easily in your trouser pocket. Its aluminium housing and fanless design ensure completely noiseless operation.

  • Intel® N3350 Processor, 1.1 GHz
  • 4 GB DDR4 memory
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Connection
  • 2x USB 3.0 Type-C ports
  • Winner of the IS-Design-Award.

This Mini-PC is perfect for the office or home, when you want to process text, edit simple Excel spreadsheets or surf the Internet. It can also be used for streaming via video-on-demand services (Amazon Prime Video or Netflix). All you need to do is connect your PC to your TV via the HDMI cable. Due to its fanless design, it is also ideal for demanding environments such as workshops, warehouses or hospitals.

What should be considered when buying a Mini-PC?

If you want to buy a Mini-PC, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to be sure – as with a normal PC purchase – what equipment you need and what you want to use your PC for.

With Mini-PCs, you can either buy a complete package or a Barbone.

Barebones have the advantage that you can put together your own individual system. You can equip a basic system according to your needs with a processor, working memory, a hard disk/SSD and the operating system of your choice.

A complete package arrives ready to use so you won’t have to worry about anything.

What you need in both cases is a screen, a mouse and a keyboard. The mouse and keyboard are best connected via Bluetooth, so you are not bothered by cables and can keep a tidy workplace.


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