Make your home smart the easy way with Homematic IP  

Make your home smart the easy way with Homematic IP

A home that automatically adjusts to the needs of its residents offers added comfort and security. But with so many providers and different smart home solutions on the market, it can be confusing knowing which one to choose. However, it is possible to create a smart home from one single hub.

Choosing the right smart home system for you

There are many benefits to making your home smart. Your entire house can be comfortably controlled via an app, or some solutions can even control themselves. Smart tech can allow you to adapt lighting to your specific needs, while intelligent heating saves costs. If you are not at home, security systems ensure that you’re alerted to any unauthorized intruders immediately.

But those who set themselves the goal of upgrading their homes with smart technology can quickly lose track of the multitude of providers and approaches. Zigbee, Z-Wave, EnOcean – these are just three of many different technology standards that smart home devices use today.

Homematic IP – versatile and scalable

Special care should be taken when it comes to compatibility of smart technology, as devices from different manufacturers often do not communicate with each other. What the motion detector from one brand says is often not understood by the heating thermostat of another manufacturer. It makes sense, therefore, to purchase all the equipment from the same one. There are several brands whose products cover the whole range of smart home needs:

  • Lighting and shading: Lights can be switched on or off or change colour, and shutters can be raised or lowered.
  • External Security: When no one is at home, residents still have full control of its burglary protection.
  • Internal security: Sensors in the house register smoke or pollutants in the air and alert the occupants if necessary.
  • Heating and air conditioning: Temperature remains comfortable because heating or air conditioning automatically adapts the room temperature and keeps it consistent.

The Homematic IP range of products provides all the components needed to intelligently retrofit a home, from twilight motion sensors to traditional branded light switch adapters, which can then be controlled in conjunction with other devices.

Security in the Smart Home is not a problem with Homematic IP

Another important point is data security, because remotely controllable smart home devices communicate with the cloud. With Homematic IP, data is kept safe. To set up the system and its app, you do not need to enter an email address or any other private information, everything remains anonymous.

In addition, any communication between the devices, the cloud and the app is encrypted. This ensures that smart home data is useless to cyber criminals should they attempt to obtain any data.

Make your home smart with Homematic IP

Every home can be smartly retrofitted, without huge costs or complicated installation. Here we‘ll show you how with some basic smart home tech from Homematic IP. The central switching point of the smart home is the Homematic IP Access Point. It is connected to the router and then connects all other devices with each other, […]
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Smart Home with Homematic

Smart lighting cosy home

A smart home has many advantages: the entire home can be comfortably controlled via an app or automated. The lighting adapts automatically to the needs of the residents and smart heating saves money. Furthermore, when residents are away from home, a security system ensures that they are notified of unauthorised intruders immediately.

But those who want to upgrade their homes to a smart home can quickly lose track of the multitude of providers and types of devices. Zigbee, Z-Wave and EnOcean are just three of the many different technology standards that smart home devices use today. In this post we provide an overview of your options.

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