Fast engraving and cutting with the Mr Beam Laser Cutter  

Fast engraving and cutting with the Mr Beam Laser Cutter

The Munich-based company Mr Beam Lasers is the new pioneer for desktop laser cutters. The user-friendly, elegantly designed tool offers an easy entry into digital manufacturing and supports the trend towards individualisation of series products.

Because industrial machines are both expensive and complicated to use for the end consumer, Mr Beam has developed a laser cutter that is extremely easy to operate – even without special software know-how.

One tool for a variety of materials

The light of the Mr Beam II Laser Cutter is in the visible range with 450nm. This means you can bring your ideas to life using many materials. Not every material reacts immediately to the laser beam. Therefore not all materials that are suitable for laser engraving and vice versa can be cut.

Cut materials including wood, leather, Kraftplex, felt and other textiles, grey cardboard, lightweight foam boards, cardboard and paper, latex, foam rubber and basalt fabric.

Suitable materials for laser engraving include wood, leather, Kraftplex, felt and other textiles, grey cardboard, cardboard and paper, acrylic – depending on the colour, anodised aluminium and mirror glass.

Wherever creative minds are at work – there are no limits to the applications of a laser cutter

The Mr Beam II Desktop Laser Cutter is an especially useful tool in architecture and design. For example in the design process or in the production of models. High precision and flexibility make model making much easier. For example, it is easy to engrave a façade structure or fine ornaments.

Furthermore, there are no limits for creative minds when it comes to aesthetic and precise designs. Personalisation of objects, glass engraving or jewellery design – with dimensions of just 724 x 538 x 175 mm, the Mr Beam II fits on any standard office desk.

Easy to use

In order to keep the use of the device as simple as possible, no software installation is necessary. Existing designs can be easily uploaded and used via drag and drop. The camera integrated in the lid ensures precise alignment of the materials and leads to exact results.


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