How to create custom ribbons with fabric and adhesive tapes using the TapeCreator Pro  

How to create custom ribbons with fabric and adhesive tapes using the TapeCreator Pro

Make gifts, flowers or packaging shine with custom designs on your ribbons, bows and adhesve tapes. A corporate logo or custom message can be printed on ribbon or tape to help drive your brand message home. With TapeCreator Pro, you can easily print unique fabric and adhesive tapes for your customers. Follow this step by step guide to learn how to customise your own tapes and ribbons.

The Project

Suitable for: Beginner

Time required: Initial commissioning incl. unpacking, installation etc. approx. 15 minutes, followed by a few minutes set up

Budget: From approx. £1,500 – depending on the type and quantity of ribbons you want to print

What you need: TapeCreator Pro by Brother, Ribbon for textile ribbons and a textile ribbon cassette

How to set up TapeCreator Pro from Brother

The TapeCreator Pro from Brother is ready to use in just a few steps.

Step 1: Select and insert tape

Insert the tape on the TapeCreator Pro

The first step is to select a textile or adhesive tape you want to print onto and insert it into the device. Thanks to the front loading system, this is very simple. Open the top of the device and insert the tape roll. Pay attention to the arrows in the device for correct insertion. Brother offers textile tapes with a width of 15 mm or 38 mm. For adhesive tapes there is an additional width of 50 mm.

There’s a broad range of colours available.

For fabric tapes:

  • white
  • pink
  • light blue
  • red
  • dark blue

For adhesive tapes:

  • white
  • yellow
  • transparent

Sensors in the machine detect whether sufficient material is available for the planned print. Used tapes can be replaced quickly and easily.

Step 2: Select Colour and Insert Ink Cartridge

Insert the ink on the TapeCreator Pro

Now select the ink cartridge. There’s a wide selection of colours for this too.

For fabric:

  • gold
  • silver
  • blue
  • red
  • black

For plastics:

  • blue
  • red
  • black

Once you have decided on a colour, insert the colour cartridge into the device. Arrows on the cassette will help you insert it correctly.

Step 3: Reel core winding

Insert the roll on the TapeCreator Pro

Finally, insert the roll core and start winding the tape. An automatic cutter helps to cut the tape to the right length. Then simply fold everything back in and the machine is set up.

Due to the modular design of the Brother products, the inks and tapes can be changed at any time. Depending on your requirements, different tape lengths can be printed in the fastest possible time. Tape lengths from one to 66 meters are possible. The minimum order quantity is up to you.

Changing the roll on the TapeCreator Pro

Step 4: Create a template quickly and easily

package with TapeCreator pro ribbon

The TapeCreator Pro TP-M5000N from Brother offers over 200 ready-made templates for every occasion, which can be easily selected on the computer. The templates are on a CD and part of the scope of delivery (P-touch Editor Software). They can also be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer’s homepage.

All templates can be adapted manually by inserting a frame, for example. But it is also possible to create your own custom design. Import your own graphics like fonts, photos or logos without any problems. If you settle on a design you love, you can produce multiple rolls of tape too. The software is easy to use and compatible with MacOS and Windows.

Printing begins – what you need to know

Once you’ve inserted everything and selected the template, you’re ready to start labelling. The control panel and LCD display show which ink and ribbon are being used. Printing on the ribbons is very fast – about eight metres of ribbon are printed in one minute. The printing speed is 220mm per second. You can follow the current printing status live through the viewing window. For the best result, the printing resolution is 300 dpi. In addition to a USB interface, the marking device also has a network interface. This allows different users to access the same device from their PC, which can save time.

Variety of application possibilities:

Thanks to the possibility of selecting different ribbons, colours and templates, you can offer your customers a very wide selection. For example, you can make gift ribbons for books, toys and vouchers, or offer customers decorative ribbons for gift baskets or for interior design.

Name ribbons are a real eye-catcher for weddings or christenings, but also very practical for homemade food and glasses. Adhesive tapes are suitable for shipping, but also for gift packaging. There are no limits to creativity and the customer gains real added value through individual and personal design.


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