Significant price reduction on products from Microchip and Atmel  

Significant price reduction on products from Microchip and Atmel

Microchip Technology Inc. is one of the leading providers of microcontrollers and analogue semiconductors, and has been one of reichelt elektronik’s reliable suppliers for many years. The company also includes the Atmel brand. Both Microchip and Atmel products are now available at significantly lower prices.

Comprehensive range of components

The range of Microchip and Atmel products available from reichelt elektronik includes components such as memory chips (such as EEPROM), semiconductor components (GAL, PAL), flash components, microcontrollers and sensors, as well as programmer and developer tools. A few examples:

  • ATMEGA 328P-PU, an 8-Bit AVR microcontroller with 32 Kbytes of ISP flash
  • ATMEGA 8A-AU, an 8-Bit AVR microcontroller with 8 Kbytes of ISP flash
  • AT AVR DRAGON, a development tool from Atmel with 8-Bit and 32-Bit AVR

The US manufacturer Microchip Technology, which acquired Atmel in 2016, makes low-risk development and thus low costs for businesses possible with its tried and tested products. Professional customers ordering large volumes will particularly benefit from the significantly reduced prices.


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