Get great WiFi coverage throughout your home with the AVM Mesh Network  

Get great WiFi coverage throughout your home with the AVM Mesh Network

Do you struggle to get WiFi signal in some corners of your home? With the AVM Mesh Network you can get great WiFi coverage, everywhere. In this guide, we show you how to install a mesh set, explain how it works and the advantages it offers you. Let’s get stuck in!

The project

Suitable for: beginners

Time required: 1 hour

Budget: approximately £280

What you need:

  • AVM Mesh Set (FRITZ! Mesh Set Box 7590 + Repeater 1750)

Can be extended with:

  • FRITZ! powerline devices (use the power line as an additional data highway) and other repeaters

You also need:

  • Internet VDSL/DSL connection

Often getting complete WiFi coverage across your home can be difficult. There is always one room where the WiFi doesn’t work so well. This results in high latencies or failures – especially when the room concerned is far away from the router or even on a different floor. The AVM Mesh Set, consisting of the FRITZ! 7590 Mesh Set Box and the Repeater 1750, puts and end to those frustrations.

What is a mesh network?

Mesh technology allows devices like routers, repeaters and other powerline devices across your home to piggyback off each other by radio signal. Each device you create becomes part of the central mesh network and allows the signal to be passed on further. Because the principle works like meshes, we call the whole thing a “mesh network”. However, the entire network has one name and one password – you don’t have to connect to different networks as you move through your home.

What functions does the technology include?

The AVM Mesh Set has four basic functions that make the WiFi connection reliable and strong.

  1. Cross Band Repeating. FRITZ! WiFi Repeaters always use the WiFi band with the fastest connection.
  2. Optimisation for IPTV and streaming. Makes uninterrupted music and video streaming possible at any time.
  3. Band steering. If the WiFi devices are dual-band capable, they connect to the less used WiFi frequency band.
  4. Beamforming. The antennas transmit in the direction of the end devices, resulting in increased range and speed.

Who should use a mesh set?

Another advantage of Mesh is that you can make the network as large as you need it. For a small to medium sized flat the basic mesh set with router and repeater is usually sufficient. For larger flats and houses with several floors you can simply add more repeaters or powerline devices.

How to install AVM Mesh Network

The AVM Mesh Network is installed and set up in three simple steps.

  1. After connecting the FRITZ! box and the repeater, open the user interface of the FRITZ! box and click on “Update available”. In the menu that then opens, click “Start update”.
  2. Call up the “Home Network – Home Network Overview”. The devices, connections and updates display here.
  3. Now perform these updates in the third step – and WiFi Mesh is already active.

What other advantages does the AVM Mesh Network offer besides the nationwide WiFi connection?

In addition to complete WiFi coverage right down to the last corner of your home, the AVM Mesh Set also offers other advantages. For example, you can display which FRITZ! devices are active and which mobile devices (smartphone, notebook, tablet or game console) are connected to them in the home network overview.

You can even offer your guests their own WiFi network, separate from your home network, with one click. The AVM Mesh Network also offers you the possibility to set up parental control. You can limit the online times per device or block pages. And if you want, you can deactivate your WiFi at night in a single click.

So, what are you waiting for?

Put an end to poor WiFi connections with the AVM Mesh Network. Enjoy seamless, low-bandwidth connections and wave goodbye to high latency connectivity holes.


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