High quality RND electronic components now up to 40% cheaper  

High quality RND electronic components now up to 40% cheaper

High quality RND electronic components for the best price – that’s what the RND brand at reichelt elektronik is all about. The product range now includes more than 6,000 products. Let’s take a closer look.

What exactly is RND electronic components?

The RND range meets all the everyday needs of electro-technical professionals. It includes everything from fuse holders and housing, to cables/lines, connectors or resistors. It’s incredible value too, with most product groups, like plastic housing, available at 40% less than competitors

Price and quality make the difference in electronic components

RND electronic components were created to offer customers the best quality products at an even better price. All products undergo strict quality control and meet high industry standards. The brand also guarantees compliance with CE, RoHS and REACH standards.

The electronics market can be pretty confusing with its many offers and brands. RND electronic components offer real value to customers by focusing on the quality of the products themselves rather than big brand names.

The growing product range

RND products are divided into five different categories:

  • RND components: All components required for the development and maintenance of electronic circuits, controls and systems. In addition to housings, fans, resistors and capacitors, this also include fuses and switches.
  • RND connect: High-quality connection solutions like adapters, connectors for HDMI and USB , wire sleeves and power distributors.
  • RND cable: Quality cables and strands of the most frequently used types.
  • RND lab: Everything you need for lab work, including power supplies or soldering tools.
  • RND power: Power solutions including batteries, plug-in power supplies and inverters.

Ask our CEO, Ulf Timmermann

Ulf Timmermann CEO reichelt elektronik

What does RND stand for?

On one hand, the name RND stands for “Repair and Design”, because that’s what the products are made for. It’s also the initials of reichelt, Nedis and Distrelec. These three companies are the Technical Components division of the parent company Daetwyler. RND electronic components are available from all three distributors.

How do you decide what is included in the range?

We take a very close look at the market when selecting our product range. It’s important to us to choose products that fully meet the requirements of our customers. We also rely on our many years of experience in the electronics industry. Our goal is to establish RND as an indispensable component in the field of electromechanics.

How does RND manage to be cheaper than the competition and still offer a high quality standard?

There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, we negotiate directly with the producers and as a result we save high brokerage costs from third parties. On the other hand, we have a very high purchase volume due to the merger of three distributors. These two factors will continue to ensure low prices in the future.

In order to guarantee a high quality standard, our suppliers from the Far East must pass a strict quality inspection by our local team. Even before the first negotiations, a supplier must prove that it has the necessary certificates from independent bodies such as CE or RoHs. This is how we ensure that the majority of RND products already have UL approval and we are constantly working to increase this number.


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