Uninterruptible power supply with the APC Series Cloud Service  

Uninterruptible power supply with the APC Series Cloud Service

The smart way to ensure uninterruptible power supply, controlled through the cloud.

The APC Series from Schneider Electric offers a system that guarantees a permanent power supply and current protection. Servers, communication solutions and peripherals remain unaffected to protect your business from power failures. So no matter what happen, you can keep business as usual! It’s easy to protect sensitive data for companies of all sizes from the private sector to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The APC Consumer Division is taking its popular smart Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to a new level with the APC SmartConnect Series. The new line offers access via the cloud allowing it to be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Monitor your power supply online with APC SmartConnect

Any devices used to create, transmit or store data is vulnerable to voltage spikes and over-voltage. In the event of a power failure or thunderstorm, considerable costly damage can occur and wreak havoc on systems. In the past, this would leave your business open to massive productivity and data losses. But now with the new Schneider Electric Smart APC Series the power supply can be monitored remotely through the APC SmartConnect portal.

The SmartConnect portal automatically updates you and gives clear recommendations to maintain the operation of the UPS. The system is easy to install. You can access it through a secure web portal or integrate it into all popular management systems.


The UPS devices with APC SmartConnect are now available in the reichelt online shop.


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