How to choose the right Dashcam or In-Car Camera  

How to choose the right Dashcam or In-Car Camera

Choosing the right Dashcam or in-car camera for you

UK courts saw the first jail sentence handed out after using Dashcam footage back in 2015. Since then the demand for in-car cameras has grown strongly. But there so many types it’s difficult to decide which is the right Dashcam for you and your family. In this guide, we’ll provide information on the key features and functionality of the top models.

Dashcam image quality is critical

You should make sure that the model you select offers the highest image quality possible. Most cameras deliver full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) at 60 frames per second. We advise looking for this as a minimum, especially for use at night when number plates are less visible. Of course, some Dashcams support higher resolutions, like the TRUECAM A7 S (2304x1296p) or the Dash Cam 55 from Garmin (2560x1440p).

Installing a Dashcam in your car

There are two ways to mount the Dashcam in your car. Some manufacturers offer an adhesive holder – others a suction cup holder. The suction cup holder is particularly useful if you change vehicles often and want to take the camera with you.

For the best possible video recording, the Dashcam should be mounted centrally at the top of the windscreen, without obstructing the driver’s view.

Features to look for

Key features to look out for include GPS for tracking location and speed, lane keeping assistant and speed camera warning system. GPS data will sync up with video recordings so you can see exactly where you were when a video was recorded.

TRUECAM A7S – Computerbild test winner

A Dashcam that combines all these features and still offers optimal image quality is the TRUECAM A7S from TrueCam. With 1080p (2304x1296p) image quality, details are clearly visible even at night and in poor visibility conditions.

With a price of £143.90 the TRUECAM is in the upper price bracket, but the investment pays off. In addition to the emergency function, the recording stamp and the GPS module, this dashcam also offers the loop function, motion detection, a special Night Vision function and the speed camera warning system.

Dashcams – better security

Of course, we hope you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you need to use your Dashcam in court – but we think it makes perfect sense to use a Dashcam in case of an incident (if it has the necessary equipment).


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