The New CAVIUS Wireless Alarm Family  

The New CAVIUS Wireless Alarm Family

The New CAVIUS Wireless Heat, Smoke and Flood Detectors

Smoke alarms can save lives. Recent data from The Home Office shows that between 2016-2017 there were 909 fatalities and non-fatal casualties in the UK alone. Often seen as a bit of an eye-sore, the premium manufacturer CAVIUS has designed a beautiful alarm system range that’s discreet and effective.

There are different Fire Building Regulations across the UK, varying between England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In England and Wales, all homes must be provided with an alarm system to at least Grade D, Category LD3. This means that alarms must be fitted in any escape routes, e.g. hallways or landings and where the kitchen is not separated from the circulation space or stairway by a door.

In Scotland, all homes should be provided with a Grade D alarm system. There must be at least one alarm in each of following locations – the principal habitable room (usually the living room), every hallway or landing, every access room serving an inner room and each kitchen.

Safety meets design

The Danish designer and manufacturer CAVIUS has created a wireless alarm system. It meets the necessary functional requirements and is exceptionally pleasing to even the most discerning eye. The world’s smallest detectors have a stunning Scandinavian design and have a diameter of just 40 millimetres. And if that isn’t enough, the CAVIUS Wireless Alarm was recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award, an international product design award.

One system for all hazards

The new alarm system range from CAVIUS includes smoke detectors, heat detectors and flood detectors. Each device can be connected to the other wirelessly without a base station, and in an emergency, all CAVIUS device sirens in the house will sound immediately. You can use the CAVIUS alarms individually or create a network of alarms to secure your home or office building.

State of the art technology

All CAVIUS alarm devices contain state of the art electronic components that guarantee absolute reliability. Customers can choose between versions with a battery life of five and ten years. You can check the system regularly with the supplied radio remote control. All devices have undergone extensive tests and guarantee a flawless function.


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