go-eCharger: The mobile charging station for electric cars  

go-eCharger: The mobile charging station for electric cars

No electric filling station? No problem! Every socket becomes a mobile charging station for electric cars.

Electrical charging points in the UK can be hard to come by, so it can be difficult to plan trips in electric cars. The go-eCharger give you the freedom to explore without restrictions. The mobile charging station allows you to plug into any conventional socket. The kit includes a practical wall mount for home and fits neatly into the boot of your car when travelling.

The go-eCharger delivers power with up to 22 kW (32 A 3-phase) – an attractive price-performance ratio.

Mobile charging station with remote access

With WiFi and hotspot function, the go-eCharger is easy to control from a distance. The go-eCharger app lets you check the charging history, set charging times and check current levels. The app will share phase detection, grounding measurement and adapter detection.
The go-eCharger is equipped with RFID for access control, this is first checked using a key fob before the load begins. If you don’t need this function, you can deactivate it in the app.

Full batteries for charging station and car

The go-eCharger is compatible with plug type 1 or type 2 and allows you to charge your electric car at any socket. Adapters are included for large parts of Europe, so you can make sure the batteries are always charged up for your holiday.

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