Set the mood with Smart Friends Lighting  

Set the mood with Smart Friends Lighting

Intelligent lighting with Smart Friends automatically adapts to suit the situation. Switching to smart bulbs is child’s play with Smart Friends – powered by ABUS, Steinel, Schellenberg and Paulmann.

Wake up to fresh daylight early in the morning, or enjoy warm, soothing lighting in the evening. LED bulbs from Paulmann offer brand new possibilities. Instead of just “on” or “off”, they offer seamless dimming and millions of different colours. The Smart Friends Box takes control automatically, helps you save energy and lowers your electricity bill.

The project

Level: Beginner

Time needed: 30 minutes

Budget: from £89.85

What you need: three Paulmann Zigbee LED AGL Bulbs (tunable white), Smart Friends Box and Smartphone or tablet with Smart Friends App

Can be extended with: more LED lights

It’s easy to get started

The easiest way to convert your home to smart lights with Smart Friends is to replace the existing bulbs with Zigbee Paulmann LED bulbs. In most cases, the dimmable Zigbee LED AGL Bulb will be the best choice. The adjustable colour temperature ranges from soothing warm white to activating daylight.

The Zigbee Paulmann LED Bulb with coloured RGBW light can be used in rooms like the living room, where it can be used to create attractive lighting scenes with different colours. It produces 16.7 million colours, offers brilliant warm white with the integrated white LED chip and is dimmable.

As an alternative to replacing the light sources, other LED lamps can also be used, like the single-bulb wall spot or the three-bulb ceiling spot from Paulmann’s Zala range. Choosing which lights to use in each space is the fun part. The Siegen table lamp is ideal for spaces like your bedside table while the integrated LED lamp Lens or the LED light strip Reflex would be great in the kitchen. The LED built-in panel More is perfect for panelled ceilings and the LED panel Cesena is a good alternative a hanging light.

Connecting lamps to the Smart Friends Box

All models are compatible with the Smart Friends Box and can be seamlessly integrated into the home system.

  • First, connect the lamps and make sure that they are connected to the mains, i.e. any wall or Safety Mats are set to “on”.
  • You can now search for Paulmann devices via the “Rooms” view of the Smart Friends app. All the lights found will flash to confirm the connection.
  • Now give the bulbs meaningful names such as “corridor light” or “bedside table” and assign them to the corresponding rooms.

Smart light: A question of attitude

Smart LED lighting already has one major advantage, it will save you a load on your energy bill. LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than conventional light bulbs or even energy-saving lamps. And unlike a lot of energy-saving lamps, they glow with full brightness as soon as they are switched on.

The new lighting becomes truly smart with the Smart Friends Box app when you start to connect all your smart home technology together.

Configuring default settings

Smart Friends App in your hands

The next step is to set up your presets in the “Scenes” view. These can then be activated later manually or automatically.

  • To do this, press the “Add Scene” button in the “Scenes” view and then the “Scene” icon.
  • You can then add the devices relevant to the scene and select options such as brightness level or light colour.
  • For example, there could be a scene called “Evening Mood”, which creates slightly dimmed, warm light in the living room and hall, and a scene called “Good Morning”, which sets dimmed light in the bedroom and bright light in the kitchen, hall and bathroom.
  • A scene called “Goodnight”, on the other hand, turns off all the lamps.
  • You can create as many scenes as you like! For example, a scene called “Game night” with brighter light in the living room or why not try a scene called “Clean Up” with full lighting in all rooms for your spring cleaning.

Take your smart home to the next level with Smart Friends by adding more devices to your scenes. For example, the “Good Morning” scene can switch on the lights, open the blinds and switch on the heating. “Goodnight” can close the roller shutters, lower the temperature in the house and activate the alarm system on the opening sensors.

Scene selection for the ideal light at any time

As a final step, you now need to determine when which scene is activated. Scenes like “Game Night” can be triggered manually by voice command. The “Good morning” scene, on the other hand, can be set to be switched on at wake-up time. Or perhaps you’d like to set the “evening mood” scene to activate as soon as the motion sensor in the hallway detects that someone is coming home after sunset. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, these are just our suggestions. Every person, each family is different and Smart Friends adapts to suit your home.



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