How to secure your home with Smart Friends  

How to secure your home with Smart Friends

An intelligent home with Smart Friends provides more than perfect lighting and automated heating control. With the right components, it also provides effective protection against burglary and fire.

Dangers such as burglaries or fires can cause great damage – and not only in financial terms. Items lost or stolen in a fire are often filled with an emotional value that a replacement cannot bring back. That’s why it’s important to properly protect your home. Thanks to Smart Friends, it is possible to secure your home quickly and efficiently against such dangers. Water damage is also identified early by water detectors, which can prevent major damage.

The project

Level: Beginner

Time required: 30 minutes

Budget: from £430

What you need: Abus Smartvest starter set, three Abus radio smoke/heat detectors

Can be expanded with: further Smart Friends components for lighting, heating, etc.

What is needed: router, Internet access and Smartphone or Tablet with Smart-Friends-App

Don’t give burglars a chance

  • Step 1: Select siren, motion detector and radio opening detector
    • The basic set for the Smartvest Alarm System is a great starter kit. This consists of the central unit with a siren, a motion detector and a radio opening detector. The control unit of the alarm system should be installed in central location, for example in the hallway.
    • You should also install a motion detector in the hallway. Place it so that the entrance door is at its 105-degree angle of detection, simply stick it to the wall at a height of two to 2.5 metres.
    • Finally, attach the opening detector to the door or window where a break-in attempt is most likely. This can be the patio door or the front door of an apartment. The opening detector is also simply glued to the frame.
    • Depending on the size of the house, you can add additional motion and opening detectors. It may also make sense to secure a balcony door or install an additional motion detector in the living room. In houses, it may also make sense to install a second siren in a more remote room or outdoors.
    • Now set up all components using the Smartvest app and follow the installation instructions to set up your alarm system.
  • Step 2: Integrate the components into the app
    • In the Smart Friends app, select the “Rooms” option to go to the editing mode, add a new device and then tap on the SmartVest icon. The app now finds and adds all components such as the control panel, motion detector and opening detector. The components are preconfigured in the Smart Friends app; in principle, the alarm system is now ready for use. Now you need to assign all the components to the room they are in.
  • Step 3: Add more components
    • The use of additional components can provide greater security. An outdoor spotlight with motion detector from Steinel, for example, can bathe the terrace in bright light as soon as someone is there
    • As an alternative to opening sensors, Schellenberg’s safety alarm handle can also ensure that unauthorised opening of doors and windows does not go unnoticed. The handle has a built-in siren that sounds an alarm when the handle is raised or shaken, and can also be integrated into the Smart Friends system. Clearly visible LED lamps signal burglars right from the start that an alarm system is guarding the house.
    • Contrary to popular assumptions, most break-ins occur during the day. So make sure your alarm system is activated during working hours.

Effective protection against fire

A home can be endangered from the outside as well as from within. That’s why smoke alarms are mandatory for new buildings all over the UK. Every room, including the corridors, must be equipped with one.

The Abus smoke and heat alarm can be seamlessly integrated into the Smart Friends system. After installation using two plugs and screws or the optional magnet set, the detector can be registered in the Smart Friends app as described above and is then configured ready for use. Thanks to the integration into the system, it’s possible to activate the siren when smoke is detected as well as open the blinds and switch on all lights.

The most frequent causes of fire are defective cables of electrical devices, incorrectly stored flammable liquids and so-called grease fires. Almost all fires can be avoided by taking a well thought out and practical approach. The Smart Friends system reliably reports smoke detection and fires to give you and your family peace of mind.


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