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AMP KIT-ELEC4 Measuring devices for electronic measurement, 3-piece set



Extensive measurement device set with sturdy case - ideal for DIYers, craftsmen, electricians and students.

AM-500-EUR multimeter
  • Voltage, current and resistance measurement
  • Diode and audible continuity testing
  • Automatic and manual measurement range selection
  • Integrated data logger (data hold)
  • Shock and impact-resistant due to protective cover included as standard for the series
  • µA measurement range
  • Auto power off

2100-Alpha voltage tester
  • Voltage testing
  • Optical and acoustic continuity and voltage testing
  • Patented phase rotation indicator, no need for a "3rd hand"
  • Single-pin phase test
  • Polarity indication
  • Switchable load (load tester) of 240 W using two push buttons, RCD tripping up to 30 mA
  • IP64, splash-proof and dust-proof
  • Integrated probe tip protection to reduce the risk of injury
  • Fully functional voltage display, even without batteries or if batteries are empty

NCV-1020-EUR VOLTfix
  • Default non-contact voltage detection range: 50 to 1000 V
  • Optical and acoustic voltage detection
  • Fast, precise localisation of breakages in exposed cables, such as cable drums or extension cables
  • Non-contact voltage detection through the insulation

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Technical Details

  • Manufacturer specifications
    • Manufacturer
    • Factory number
    • 4997079
    • Package weight
    • 1.887 kg
    • RoHS
    • conform
    • EAN / GTIN
    • 9900002398482

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