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Batteries, Chargers, Power Supplies

Alkaline Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Button Cells Batteries, special Batteries, Battery Holders and Battery Testers

Chargers for Standard Cells, USB Chargers, Chargers for Battery Packs, Battery Chargers for Lead Acid Batteries and Accessories.

Converter, Inverter
DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Converters, Sine Wave Inverters and modified Sine Wave Inverters.

Batteries, chargers and accessories for electromobility.

mobile power generator
mobile power generator with petrol and battery, perfect for professional and private applications.

Power Supplies
Universal Power Supplies, Fixed Voltage Power Supplies, Industrial Power Supplies, Voltage Converter, Inverter, PC Power Supplies.

Rechargeable Batteries
NIMH Rechargeable Batteries, Ready To Use Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, Appliance Batteries, Mobile Batteries, Back Up Batteries.

Solar Technology
Solar Modules, Charge Controllers, Solar Kits, Solar Garden Lights

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in different Types and Levels