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Since it was launched at the beginning of 2012, millions of Raspberry Pi computers have been sold, making it the world’s most popular single-board computer. The applications are so diverse that many Raspberry Pi users have more than one of theses computers in their home.

For example, the compact all-rounder can be used as an HD media player with an external hard drive for home cinema or as an Internet radio with a display. It can also be used as a webcam server for livestream camera monitoring to a smartphone and for home automation such as controlling the heating and lights, or as a simple WLAN print server or as a mini-computer for general surfing on the Internet.

As you can see, this amazing little computer is not only versatile, but is also extremely inexpensive, which is what makes it so attractive. In principle, you do not even need any programming skills, due to the wealth of programming instructions offered in forums and books, or you can simply install a complete image on the Raspberry Pi and you are ready to go! Don´t be afraid to try!

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In our hand-picked product assortment you will find everything you need for your future Raspberry Pi project. From LCDs, cameras, UPS units or expansion boards to sensors, such as temperature, acceleration, gas or humidity sensors, as well as enclosures, high-quality sound cards, relay controllers or interfaces such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and RFID. But there is also much more, and at excellent prices, from well-known manufacturers such as Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, HiFiBerry, Joy-IT, Seeed, Max2Play, Pi-Top, etc.

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