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CHAU P01651901 Thermal imaging camera C.A 1950 DiaCAM2, -20 °C ... 250 °C

Artikel-nr.: CHAU P01651901


CHAU P01651901

This thermal imaging camera has been designed for easy operation and is particularly suitable for applications in building technology, as well as in electrical and mechanical maintenance.

It enables building energy audits, cold-bridge searches, heat leaks, damp walls, electrical maintenance applications such as detecting bad contacts, unevenly distributed loads, and mechanical maintenance when looking for high wear locations, engine overheating , Lubrication defects, etc. The thermal imaging camera CA 1950 can be networked via Bluetooth and can transmit images or receive corresponding measured data, such as current levels from clamp current transformers or multimeter measured values, at the same time.


  • Large image reproduction on the 2.8-inch screen with automatic brightness control
  • Fixed focus lens with 20 ° x 20 ° field of view for flawless images of objects at any distance
  • With C.A 1950, voice comments can be recorded directly to the images
  • Exceptionally long battery life of 13 h
  • Quickly ready in just 3 seconds
  • Recording and saving the camera configuration depending on the type of use (buildings, control cabinets, ...)
  • Voice comments can be saved directly with the recording
  • Bluetooth connection to multimeters and multimeter, so that all measurement data are available at the same time

Software included:

CAmReport is the software for thermal image analysis and has numerous functions for reliable evaluation of the measurement results

  • Cursors (with automatic display of the temperature at the selected position)
  • Heat profile of the image line (automatic display of minimum, maximum and average values)
  • Draw rectangles or circles to evaluate ranges
  • Results tables automatically and immediately display all data and analysis tools of the thermal image
  • Definition of polygonal or multi-line areas for more accurate evaluation of thermal image clippings
  • Existing table with emissivity values ??that can be expanded at any time

CAmReport also allows you to automatically generate reports according to different templates. These reports are exportable in Word or PDF format, simplifying editing and archiving.

Further technical data:

  • Sensor Type: 80 x 80 microbolometer UFPA, 8 ~ 14? m
  • IFOV (spatial resolution) 4.4 mrad
  • Temperature range: -20 ° C to 250 ° C
  • Display mode: thermal image and photo image with automatic parallax compensation. Superimposing the images possible with the PC software
  • Measurement tools: 1 manual cursor + 1 automatic recognition + min./max. display within an adjustable area + temperature profile + isotherms
  • Parameter settings: emissivity, ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity
  • Storage on micro SD card with 2 GB (about 4000 images). Card interchangeable with models up to 32 GB
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Weight / Dimensions: 700 g with batteries / 225 x 125 x 83 mm

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