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The new smart home generation

The Homematic IP portfolio comprises products for heating and air conditioning, security, light and shade, and numerous accessory components. The devices for controlling indoor climate feature on-demand control of heaters at the room level throughout the entire house, therefore enabling the reduction of energy costs by up to 30 %, and Homematic IP products can also be used for efficient control of in-floor heating systems. With the use of the security components, no movement goes undetected, windows and doors send alerts as soon as they are opened and a glance at the app is all it takes to ensure that everything is in order at home. For increased convenience there are switches and dimmers for light control, as well as products for automating roller blinds and louvres. All Homematic IP devices for brand-name switches can easily be integrated in the existing switch design by means of adapters.

Smart & secure control via app

The system is configured intuitively via a free smartphone app (iOS and Android) and is then conveniently controlled either by app, remote control or wall switch.
Configuration of the single devices is performed by the Homematic IP Cloud Service, which is operated only on German servers and therefore is subject to both European and German data protection regulations. All data stored in the Homematic IP cloud is completely anonymous, which means it is impossible to associate the data with the identity of the user or individual user behaviour. All communication between the access point, the cloud and the app is additionally encrypted. Since no name, e-mail address or mobile phone number has to be provided during or after installation of the app, 100 % anonymity is guaranteed.

Wireless communication between the devices makes it especially easy to retrofit the home; the robust and reliable Homematic IP wireless protocol uses a frequency of 868 MHz, which eliminates the possibility of interference from WLAN, Bluetooth or other wireless standards in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth.

Control your Homematic IP with your voice!

Voice-controlled devices and apps are becoming more popular. The inclusion of a compatible speaker with integrative voice assistance such as Amazon Echo or Google Home in a smart home system allows the convenient control of numerous Homematic IP devices and functions via voice commands. The use of voice control is very simple in combination with the Homematic IP access point and the current version of the free smartphone app (Android and iOS). It is already possible to control functions such as heating, light switches and dimmers, as well as enabling and disabling eco mode by means of voice commands. Unauthorized control of the home is effectively prevented by security features built into the system.

Voice control with Amazon Alexa

The voice-controlled speakers Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot can be used to control numerous Homematic IP functions. In addition to controlling the lights and heating, which is also possible in switch groups, it is also possible to open and close blinds, for example. Voice commands such as "Alexa, set the bathroom to 22 degrees" or "Alexa, dim the living room lamp to 50 percent" enhance comfort in the home substantially. The basic configuration is achieved by setting up an Amazon account and installing the Amazon Alexa app and the free Homematic IP Skills for Alexa.

Voice control with Google Assistant

Voice control via Google is possible with the voice-controlled Google Home speaker or directly via a smartphone with the Google Assistant app. It is currently possible to use commands such as "OK, Google, set the bathroom to 25 degrees" or "OK, Google, turn on the reading lamp". Automatic expansion of the available scenarios is likewise planned for the Google voice assistants. In particular, Google Assistant will be expanded with respect to the speech recognition capabilities for German. The basic configuration is achieved by setting up a Google account and installing the Google Home app, and then activating the available Homematic IP service.
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