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BIKE BILO C :: BikeLogger C for mounting in the suspension fork


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  • General
    • Type
    • Bicycle logger
    • Design
    • Fork mounting
Use your smartphone as a bicycle computer

This is the new BikeLogger: An innovative on-board computer with anti-theft alarm for all bikes with a hub dynamo!

The free BikeLogger app!

The BikeLogger app turns your smartphone into a top-class bicycle computer. You will receive all the journey data you need in an easy-to-read manner. The pointer smoothly moves across the display thanks to the precision of the BikeLogger.

Simply reliable.

Once attached to the wheel, the BikeLogger records all trip details continuously — even if the smartphone is at home:

• Speed to a precision of 0.1 km/h
• Cadence (experimental)
• External temperature
• Distance and duration of journey
• Start and end of journey
• Light on/off

The BikeLogger is a small (40 x 32 x 23 mm), inconspicuous box designed for the toughest applications. Dust and splash water cause no harm to the IP67 certified housing with aluminium cover.

Furthermore: The BikeLogger is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. No batteries required.

Full access to your success.

Sit back and look back over your journeys. This is simple to do with the history function on the BikeLogger app.

Use the app to precisely evaluate your personal athletic performance. Incl. export function for evaluation on the computer. Thanks to the BikeLogger's ability to record even without a smartphone being present, you can always be sure that all journeys are really there.

Ready to go!

You are ready to start as soon as the BikeLogger has been securely attached to the light cable.

Alarm system for bicycles

Is a thief looking to take your bike? The BikeLogger is there to warn you! Just a small movement of the wheel is sufficient. The BikeLogger app immediately warns you of an impending bicycle theft.

The BikeLogger remains active for 30 to 60 minutes. This functionality gives you the ideal level of protection against opportunistic thieves in situations where you might want to act quickly. Thanks to modern Bluetooth® technology, you are even protected if you are up to 100 m away from the bicycle.

The power of the hub dynamos!

Use of the hub dynamos offers numerous advantages:

• Precise: Speed detection to a level of precision of 0.1 km/h due to approx. 30 electrical impulses per wheel revolution
• No batteries: Independent power supply = say goodbye to replacing batteries!
• Connection to the lamp cable is sufficient: No additional sensors, such as spoke magnets, are necessary.
• Maintenance-free: Once connected, the BikeLogger is always ready for use!

Use your favourite app!

Why should we restrict the BikeLogger to our app? There are so many other great cycling apps!

With BikeLogger, you have complete freedom. You can connect it to apps that support speed and cadence sensors via Bluetooth®.

Bluetooth Smart
Power-saving wireless technology on board

Compatible with devices featuring Bluetooth® 4.0

Get to know the fourth-generation Bluetooth®! Bluetooth® Smart includes improvements in all areas: Range, energy consumption and speed.

Your advantages with BikeLogger:

Your smartphone battery is not drained (something that GPS-based apps like to do).
You remain in contact with BikeLogger within a range of up to 100 metres. Ideal for alarm function.
The BikeLogger itself requires only 0.03 W of power. Its energy consumption is therefore not a hindrance when riding.

Smartphone not included

Factory number : BILO_C
Package weight : 0.037 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Bicycle logger
    • Design
    • Fork mounting
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