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PEAKTECH 1325 :: PC oscilloscope, 60 MHz, 4-channel with USB


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • Power supply
    • Low-voltage input
    • 5 V DC
    • Low-voltage connection
    • USB Type B

These newly developed 4-channel PC oscilloscopes are ideal for mobile use on laptops, permanent installation in control cabinets and industrial plants and many other applications where a small, lightweight and powerful oscilloscope is required
. Thanks to the integrated data interface, input signals can be retrieved directly via the PC USB port using the enclosed PC software. These devices feature an isolated LAN network interface, through which the measurement data can be transferred to local networks using remote access. This allows the devices to be permanently installed, e.g. in electrical systems, and data to be conveniently be retrieved from the workplace. Interface isolation provides the greatest possible safety for both the user and the computer system. The powerful software and numerous features result in an endless number of possible uses in servicing, scientific and industrial applications.

• Powerful PC-software for data retrieval and control
• 20 automatic measurement modes
• Mathematical functions ( +, -, *, / ) and FFT
• LAN connection for remote access via network
• USB connection for real-time data transmission
• Accessories: 4 probes (1:1; 10:1), USB cable, 4 BNC cables, AC-DC adapter, user manual, software CD for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8

Technical data:
Bandwidth: 60 MHz
Sampling rate per channel: 500 MSa/s
Channels: 4
Input coupling: DC, AC, GND
Input impedance: 1 MOhm ± 2%/10 pF ± 5 pF
Max. input voltage: 40 V (DC + ACss/pp)
Multi input: sync in/out, pass/fail, ext. trigger
Vertical sensitivity: 2 mV - 5 V/scale factor /div.
DC accuracy: ± 3%
Rise time: < 5.8 ns
Horizontal time base: 5 ns/scale factor /div. - 100 s/scale factor /div.
Sampling range: 0.5 S/s ~ 1 GSa/s
Accuracy: 100 ppm x reading + 0.6 ns
Trigger type: alternate/edge/video/pulse/slope
Trigger mode: single, normal, auto
Trigger recording: sample, peak detect, average
Automatic measurement: Vpp, Vavg, Vrms, freq, period, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, overshoot, preshoot, rise time, fall time, delay AgB (rising), delay AgB (falling), +width, -width, +duty, -duty
Math. function:+, -, *, /, invert, FFT
USB interface: USB 2.0
USB interface: RJ45
Storage length: 5000 points
Operating voltage: 5 V DC USB
Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 18 mm
Weight: 260 g

Manufacturer : PEAKTECH
Factory number : P 1325
Package weight : 1.28 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • Power supply
    • Low-voltage input
    • 5 V DC
    • Low-voltage connection
    • USB Type B