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USB CARE01 :: USB isolator, galvanic isolation host<>device


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • A socket <> B socket
    • Type
    • USB isolator
    • Technology
    • 1.1
This USB protection isolates the electrical connection between the host PC and USB device.

---Power cable not included; please order separately----

This procedure is called "Ground Lift" in audio applications, or "galvanic isolation" in measuring and control technology.

It rules out the possibility of cross currents and mutual interference. The most common cause of noise and inaccurate measurements is eliminated.

The USB protection behaves almost like a USB cable. It is therefore not necessary to install drivers and all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, embedded OS and others) are supported.

Crystal-clear sound
Humming USB connections in the studio or on the stage are effectively prevented. No additional delay (latency) occurs.

Exact measurement results
In measuring technology, more accurate results can be achieved without disturbing equalising currents. In addition, measurements are possible where the measuring signal is not connected to the PC ground.

Security and protection
When controlling lighting systems (disco, stage), electrical systems or machines via USB, galvanic isolation prevents destruction of the host computer in the event of a fault. The surge arresters integrated into the USB protection are also used for this purpose.

Technical data:
• Isolation
Up to 1000 V AC

• Überspannungs-Schutz
Over-voltage and transient suppression up to 8 kV

• Spannungsversorgung
Via USB - no power supply required.

• USB-Betriebsarten

• Temperaturbereich
-20°C ... +70°C

• Anzeigen
1x power LED

• Abmessungen
57 x 45 x 28 mm

• Gehäusematerial

• Lieferumfang:
1x USB protection

Manufacturer : CESYS GMBH
Factory number : C028149
Package weight : 0.077 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • A socket <> B socket
    • Type
    • USB isolator
    • Technology
    • 1.1