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FDCP 25X0,34-50 :: UNITRONIC® FD CP plus - 50 m, 25 x 0.34

Item-No.: FDCP 25X0,34-50
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

UNITRONIC FD CP plus 25X0,34

UNITRONIC® FD CP plus is a shielded PUR data cable, UL/CSA CMX-listed, for applications in permanent motion and harsh conditions.

  • Halogen free

  • Low capacity

  • Flexible at low temperatures down to -40°C

  • PUR sleeve, cut and slit-resistant, resistant to mineral oils and against abrasion in drag chain applications

  • Non-slip surface, hydrolysis and microbe-resistant, oil-resistant

  • Flame retardant in accordance with IEC 60332-1-2 and VW-1 in accordance with UL-1581

  • Designed for 5 - 10 million bending cycles in the power chain

Areas of application
  • Highly flexible data cable with PUR sleeve for highest durability requirements, even in harsh climatic environments.

  • Versatile, for use e.g. in the packaging industry and in storage/retrieval devices

  • For use in measuring, control and regulation circuits

Manufacturer : LAPPKABEL
Factory number : 0028906/50
Package weight : 10.8 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information