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PEAKTECH 5400 :: IR-Thermometer, Dewpoint Meter


This new combination device measures the relative humidity, the air temperature and the surface temperature by infrared measurement for thermal bridges, e.g. on building-walls and in wall- corners. This allows the user to locate moisture precipitates quickly to make appropriate actions and prevent from mold growth in buildings.

For easy handling, the two-color LED placed above the LCD display, enables the user to make a quick pass / fail evaluation and changes in risk of mold growth from green to red. In addition, an audible alarm will sound.

All three measurement functions such as humidity measurement, measuring air temperature or the infrared surface measurement function, of course also work on its own, so this device combines three practical measurement functions in one device. From the ratio of air temperature / humidity to surface temperature, the dew point temperature is calculated.

These technical characteristics of this device make it the ideal companion for the analysis of rental housing, the building and architectural sector, as well as various applications in biology and agriculture.

• 3 in 1 Combi-instrument for environment measurements
• Infrared surface measurements
• Dewpoint calculation
• Air temperature measurement
• Relative humidity measurement
• Evaluation- LED and audible alarm
• Accessories: 9V Battery, Carrying Case and User’s Manual

Manufacturer : PEAKTECH
Factory number : P 5400
Package weight : 0.375 kg
Technical information