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VIS VOX 80 :: VISATON VOX 80 kit, pair


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VOX 80

Item no. 5940
Characteristics and sound properties

The smallest member of the VOX family is an accurately scaled-down version of the larger models. The dimensions of the VOX 253 have been reduced by a factor of 3. The driver concept comprises two mid-range speakers and a side-mounted woofer, and corresponds to the other VOX versions. The two 5-cm full-range FRWS 5 R 8 Ohm speakers fit perfectly in the baffle and work as mid-range speakers. The small CP 13 4 Ohm tweeter ensures that the high frequency, although already well covered by the FRWS 5 R 8 Ohm, is further strengthened. The woofer is an F 8 SC 8 Ohm full-range speaker.

To be worthy of the honour of being part of the VOX family, the frequency crossover is just as carefully matched to the drivers as those in the larger models.

The result can be seen and heard. The VOX 80 catches your eye and captivates your ears on any desk, for instance as a PC speaker.

The VOX 80 has a power handling of 20/30 watts. However, in practice in a PC environment, this output level is seldom, if ever, required. Set to an output of one watt, one VOX 80 will generate approx. 80 dB in a workplace; both speakers together create 86 dB. This is very loud. A miniature amplifier, like the Visaton AMP 2.2 or AMP 2.2 LN, should therefore be perfectly sufficient for the majority of applications.

Included with delivery:
• 2 tweeters
• 4 mid-range speakers
• 2 woofers
• 2 terminals
• 2 1/4 bags Damping material made of polyester wool
• 2 frequency crossovers
• 16 wood screws
• 2 grilles Effect 80
• 2-m cable (2 x 1.5 mm²)

Specifically not included: the speaker cabinet, which must be made by users themselves!

Manufacturer : VISATON
Factory number : 5940
Package weight : 1.715 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Speaker kit
    • Assembly
    • Without enclosure
    • Design
    • 2-way system