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LOGILINK RP0011 :: Smoke detector test spray


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    • Design
    • Test spray

Professional test spray for optical/photoelectric smoke detectors

• Easy application
• Reliable function check
• No additional testing device required
• Low odour
• Very economical

Optical smoke detectors have a detection chamber, in which an integrated infrared light source emits light pulses at 5 - 10 second intervals. If this light pulse is altered by smoke caused, for example, by a fire, a relay switches and the detector triggers an audible warning signal and notifies the alarm control centre of a fire alarm. The smoke detector test spray is used to simulate smoke and therefore allows you to regularly check smoke detector systems for function and reliability. For domestic areas we recommend carrying out 1 - 2 functional checks per year. For industrial/technical sites, particularly those with increased risk potential such as warehouses for flammable liquid etc., a quarterly check must be carried out. The product content of a 150 ml can is enough for approximately 100 applications.

Manufacturer : LOGILINK
Factory number : RP0011
Package weight : 0.141 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • Test spray