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RASP PI-TOP D GN :: Raspberry pi-top, DE, green


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    • Raspberry Pi Bundle

What is the pi-top?
pi-top is a DIY Raspberry Pi laptop. It is the ideal mobile maker workshop for learning to programme — even on the go.

pi-top "Build your own laptop" kit
Inserting your Raspberry Pi PCB into a pi-top means that you can build your own laptop. With the slogan "learn, play and create" you can learn more about programming, computers and creating hardware — all at the same time.

pi-top, what’s that?
The pi-top doesn't take long to create and no soldering iron is required. You can experiment with electronics, set up PCB boards and create 3D projects that you can print, such as a pi-top housing. How? Through online tutorials and lessons across several steps. The community nature of the pi-top means that you can learn and pass this information on via a cloud-based learning environment.

Properties and advantages of the pi-top
• Compatible with any Raspberry Pi PCB (preferably Raspberry Pi 3)
• Kit comes with components and instructions
• Learn additional usable skills for creating your own hardware projects
• Portable, with 10+ hours of battery life
• Raspbian (Jessie) operating system with Python, Scratch, Minecraft, Libre Writer, Libre Impress and Libre Calc software
• Chromium, 3D Slash, CEEDuniverse, Now software
• Can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Contents of the pi-top set
• 13.3-inch HD LCD screen with eDP interface with 1366-x-768 resolution
• Intelligent battery with 10+ hours operating time, two-wire SMBus V 2.0 interface
• Keyboard (fully programmable) and trackpad
• 8-GB SD card with pre-installed pi-top operating system
• Power supply
• Acrylic pane
• Manual for image-based assembly

Note: Raspberry Pi not included in delivery (see accessories)

More information is available at:

Manufacturer : PI-TOP
Factory number : PT01-GR-DE-EU
Package weight : 2.561 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Raspberry Pi Bundle