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RASP JP STARTER2 :: The Teach Kids to Code Starter Kit 2.0 for Raspberry Pi


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Teach Kids to Code Starter Kit for the Raspberry Pi

The Teach Kids to Code Starter Kit offers a simple and understandable introduction to the world of programming and is aimed at all those who like to follow a practical approach to learning.

The kit consists of clear, understandable reading material as well as hardware that directly relates to the newly learned programming skills. This all comes in a single box, meaning that the components are fully compatible with one another. The handbook explains the functions of the individual hardware components and how to connect and program these correctly.
This kit uses the programming language Python 3. In addition to the handbook, the Teach Kids to Code cheat sheet helps with the key questions, and the GPIO pin specification is handy if you find working out the pin assignment of your Raspberry Pi a bit of a challenge.

What content does the kit cover?
First you will learn the basics of Linux and the terminal and then you will use this knowledge to familiarise yourself with the Raspberry Pi. You will then be able to bring the first LEDs to light and use push buttons to monitor the outside world. In doing so, you will also get acquainted with programming basics such as loops. This kit also looks at sensors and teaches you how to monitor your environment. At the end there is a unit on how to display the measured data on a screen.

Included with delivery
• Teach Kids to Code book 2.0 (80 pages)
• Access to the Teach Kids to Code Code Trainer
• Cheat sheet for connections, terminal commands and troubleshooting
• Set of jumper cables (30x) M->F
• Set of jumper cables (30x) M->M
• Breadboard/connection board
• 5 different coloured LEDs (yellow, green, white, red, RGB LED)
• 3 push buttons
• Photoresistor and capacitor
• Ultrasonic sensor
• Keypad with 4 x 4 Button
• DS18B20 air temperature sensor
• Display with 84 x 48 Signs

All sensors/displays are presoldered and ready to use.

Attention: Manual only in German

Manufacturer : CODING WORLD
Factory number : P-123
Package weight : 0.525 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Category
    • Additional accessories