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IS 3-6456-5245-2 :: The Franzis Raspberry Pi educational kit

IS 3-6456-5245-2

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    • Raspberry Pi bundle

You can get the Raspberry Pi for less than EUR 40. But what do you do with it then? This educational kit offers everything you need to get started with programming the minicomputer: 41 components, as well as a 192-page manual. Using the described projects, you will learn a wealth of knowledge, have plenty of fun and get so much inspiration for your own hacks with the Raspberry Pi.

Compiled by the author of the best-seller: Linux with the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi opens up the world of electronics for computer enthusiast hobbyists — but career-changers can also quickly find their way. The GPIO interface paves the way for you to get started with electronics projects. This educational kit helps you discover the basics of electronics and learn how to program the Raspberry Pi in Python and connect electronics to the GPIO.

Experiments from the educational kit:
• The first LED
• Traffic Light
• Pedestrian traffic lights
• Colourful LED pattern and chaser
• Dimming LEDs by pulse width modulation
• Memory card level indicator with LEDs
• Graphical dice
• Analogue clock on the screen
• First experiment using the seven-segment display
• Display figures on the seven-segment display
• Multi-digit numbers on the seven-segment display
• World clock with seven-segment display
• Displaying IP address for the Raspberry Pi
• Graphical dialogue boxes to control the program
• Variable dice with seven-segment display
• Metronome with piezo buzzer
• Egg timer with seven-segment display
• PiDance with LEDs and music
• Self-build enclosure for Raspberry Pi

Overview of components:
• 2 plug-in boards
• 1 seven-segment display (four digits)
• 4 buttons
• 1 piezo sound converter
• 12 GPIO connection cable
• 1 red LED
• 1 yellow LED
• 1 green LED
• 1 blue LED
• 4 resistors, 10 kOhm
• 4 resistors, 1 kOhm
• 8 resistors, 220 Ohm
• 1 insulated hook-up wire, approx. 1 m

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Included: plug-in board, 40 components, 192-page manual (without Raspberry Pi)

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65245-2
Package weight : 0.535 kg
Technical information
  • General
    • Category
    • Additional accessories
    • Type
    • Raspberry Pi bundle