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NIBO NDS 3 :: NDS3 distance scanner — Nibo2 expansion module


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • For NIBO 2
    • Type
    • Distance scanner

The NDS3 expansion module additionally gives the Nibo2 the ability to measure exact distances to obstacles in a range from 10 cm to 80 cm. The sensor can be rotated by 180 degrees by a servo. This enable, for example, the exact orientation and the distance to a wall to be determined. Maps of the surroundings and a localisation can also be achieved by clever programming.
The expansion module has an Atmel ATtiny84 a separate microcontroller for data processing and communicates with the Nibo2 via the I²C interface. The ATtiny84 can be programmed via the 6-pin ISP interface.
Personal circuits can be built on an additional user area. 6 signals on the ATtiny84 and an additional 4 signals on the ATmega128 are available to control the personal circuits.

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 59 x 74 x 56 mm
• Weight: 59 g
• Voltages: 5 V (stabilised) and 9.6 V
• Dimensions of the PCB: 59 x 74 mm
• SHARP IR range sensor to measure distance (10 - 80 cm)
• Atmel ATtiny84 (8k Flash, 8 MHz) as a controller
• Servo to align the sensor by 180 degrees
• Separate fixed voltage regulator
• PCB with user area (approx. 160 holes) experimenting
• Ten-pin plug for connection to the Nibo2
• ISP interface (In-system programming)
• Finished software for control, including the source code

Manufacturer : NICAI SYSTEMS
Package weight : 0.065 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • For NIBO 2
    • Type
    • Distance scanner