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NIBO BURGER :: NIBO burger, construction kit

NIBO burger

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  • Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Robot kit
    • Technology
    • ATmega 16AT
Recognise colours and detect objects!

The NIBO burger is a freely programmable autonomous robot with 9 sensors, which can react to its environment independently.
The NIBO burger is fitted with an Atmel ATmega16 main controller, various sensors to detect what's going on in its surroundings and a built-in USB programmer, which also doubles up as a charger for rechargeable batteries. In the top part there is an integrated slot for Arduino shields.
The robot's variable sensor system consists of seven sensor bricks, which can be inserted in any of ten sensor slots. Three colour sensor bricks make it possible for colours to be detected. Various objects can be detected without making contact by means of four IR sensor bricks.
There are two possible versions for transmission unit assembly:
  • The 25:1 ratio allows for high-speed driving,
  • while the 125:1 ratio allows for precise driving.

An assembly guide provides step-by-step instructions with illustrations explaining how to build the robot, including all the necessary soldering. All the important basic functions already in place are made available in the NiboRoboLib open-source library. This means you start programming the robot just how you like it immediately after building it. An interactive programming tutorial and an online community are also on hand to offer you any support you may need.

Technical data
ATmega16A with 16-kB flash, 1-kB SRAM, 15 MHz
ATtiny44A with 4-kB flash, 256-byte SRAM, 15 MHz
Sensors: 4 IR sensor bricks, 3 colour sensor bricks
Actuators: 2 engines with a ratio of 125:1 or 25:1
Odometry: 2 IR sensors for measuring speed
Example code: Line tracing, flight behaviour, tracking, colour detection
Coding LEDs: 4 freely programmable LEDs (ultra bright)
Function display: 3 LEDs: power, programming and charging
Shield interface: D0+D1 (UART), D2-D4, D10-D13 (SPI), A0, GND, VCC, RESET, SDA+SCL (I²C)
Dimensions (WxLxH): 126x108x58 mm, 295g (with battery)
Power supply: 4 micro AAA batteries (not included in delivery)

Included in delivery: kit, USB cable, CD with instructions, programming tutorial, circuit diagrams and data sheets

Manufacturer : NICAI SYSTEMS
Factory number : NIBO BURGER
Package weight : 0.395 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Robot kit
    • Technology
    • ATmega 16AT