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NIBO BEE :: NIBObee — programmable robot kit


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    • Robot kit
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    • Prog. robot
NIBObee is an autonomous robot specially developed for schoolchildren that can be programmed in C, Arduino, Java and Assembler. The stylish robot is a sophisticated complete system with an ATmega16 as a "thinking" unit, various sensors to perceive its surroundings and a built-in USB programmer, which also acts as a charger for the batteries. After assembly, you can therefore get right to grips with programming.
The generous distribution of electronic components on the PCB means the robot simply requires soldering. An instruction manual with numerous illustrations explains the necessary soldering assembly step by step. In particular, the focus during development was on easily controllable sensors and convenient programmability, so that beginners quickly gain a motivating entry into the areas of robotics, programming and electronics.
A transparent hemisphere as a dome and two probes that control four touch sensors give the NIBObee its distinctive appearance. The whole is rounded off by the NIBObee library, which provides all the important basic functions ready-implemented, as well as by a programming tutorial for the first steps.

Microcontroller: ATmega16 with 16 kB Flash, 1 kB SRAM, 15 MHz
LEDs: 4 freely controllable LEDs, 3 function LEDs
Sensors:4 touch sensors with probes, 2 odometer sensors, line sensor with 2 IR LEDs and 3 photo transistors
Other: integrated USB programmer/charger with its own microcontroller: ATtiny44, 2 engines with 25:1 transmission, 5 expansion ports with 2 bits each, jumper to disable the engines, transparent dome
Dimensions (WxLxH): 126 x 158 x 50 mm (without coupling and probes)
Power supply: 4x micro AAA batteries (not included)
Included with delivery: motherboard, 9 additional PCBs, 130 electronic components for soldering, 25 mechanical components, 2 transparent hemispheres, 2 probes, USB cable and CD with building instructions, NIBObee library, data sheets, wiring diagrams and programming tutorial.

Manufacturer : NICAI SYSTEMS
Factory number : NIBOBEE
Package weight : 0.38 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Robot kit
    • Technology
    • Prog. robot