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NIBO BEE BERRY :: Connection set for Raspberry Pi, kit


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • For NIBO BEE
    • Type
    • Raspberry Pi connection

The NIBObee Berry expansion opens the world Raspberry Pi to the NIBObee robot, with extensive opportunities, such as WIFI or a full-HD camera. A holder for the original Raspberry PI camera is integrated on the PCB.
To supply the Raspberry PI module with the necessary energy, the NIBObee Berry has a 5 W DC/DC converter and mounting brackets for 6 AAA cells. LiPo rechargeable battery packs can also be used for a larger power requirement. A second DC/DC converter can be retrofitted to supply the NIBObee from the LiPo rechargeable battery pack. Two programmable LEDs and two pushbuttons are connected directly to the Raspberry Pi module.

• Camera holder
• Connection via the serial interface to the NIBObee
• DC/DC converter for the Raspberry Pi (6.5 V - 30 V input, 5 V/1 A output)
• Comparator to monitor the battery voltage
• Battery holder for 6 AAA cells - or alternatively: connection option for LiPo or NiMH modelling rechargeable battery packs (6.5 V - 30 V)
• Option for mounting a second DC/DC converter to supply the NIBObee via a LiPo battery
• On/off switch, 2 function buttons, 2 LEDs

• NIBObee Berry PCB including mounting hardware
• 26-pin connection cable for Raspberry Pi
• Battery holder for 6x Micro AAA cells to power the Raspberry Pi
• Camera holders for the original Raspberry Pi HD camera
• A DC/DC converter (6.5 - 30 V)
• An operational amplifier
• 2 LEDs, 2 function buttons
• An on/off switch and electronic small parts

The following are also required for operation (not included):
NIBObee, Raspberry PI module and 6 AAA batteries

Manufacturer : NICAI SYSTEMS
Factory number : NIBOBEE BERRY
Package weight : 0.094 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Design
    • For NIBO BEE
    • Type
    • Raspberry Pi connection