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MAROON SHIELD :: maroon Shield, 8x8 LED Matrix Display

maroon SHIELD

The Arduino-compatible maroon shield has an 8x8 LED matrix display with its own microcontroller (Atmel ATmega88A) and two input buttons. The controls are simple: texts and images are easy to send via the serial interface.
The kit is open source and open hardware, and is free to use.
You can let your imagination run free: light effects at night or during the day, scrolling text, display of individual values, funny animations etc.
Use the shield on your robot so that he can share his thoughts with you. Maybe he'll even tell you even that his batteries need charging!

Technical data
Micro-controller: ATmega88A with 8-kB flash, 1-kB SRAM, 8 MHz
Display: 8x8 LED matrix
Buttons: 2 input buttons
Interface: Arduino-compatible, pin assignment shown in the circuit diagram
Firmware update: ATmega88A can be reprogrammed via the jumper
Dimensions: (WxLxH): 53x51x19 mm

Scope of delivery: circuit board, programmed ATmega88A with base, 8x8 LED matrix display, 8 transistors, 2 buttons, 14 resistors, 1 capacitor, pin headers and 1 jumper

Compatible products:
Arduino UNO
NIBO burger

Manufacturer : NICAI SYSTEMS
Factory number : MAROON SHIELD
Package weight : 0.034 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information