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TF SKIT WS1 :: Weather station starter kit, transparent


With this starter kit you can develop a full open source weather station. It measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure and brightness with a high degree of precision.
It can be controlled from an (embedded) PC via USB. Control via WIFI is also possible via the WIFI extension. An embedded board, such as e.g. Raspberry Pi, can be installed directly in the enclosure for stand-alone operation.
Different example projects are available for the weather station; the measurement values can be displayed on a 20x4 character LCD, on a web page or uploaded on Xively (Cosm), for instance. You can switch between various modes with four buttons on the LCD 20x4 bricklet.
A part of these example projects has been implemented in a demo application. This is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and can be used to test the station.
The kit allows you to design both software and hardware according to your own wishes. The enclosure consists of model friendly PMMA and is easy to work with. In addition, holes have already been drilled for analogue in and IO-4 bricklets. This means that even more sensors (anemometer, pluviometer etc.) can be connected.
The weather station can be programmed via all available bindings (C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic .NET). Example implementations for all programming languages and a demo application make it easy to start programming with Tinkerforge.

• Full open source weather station
• Measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure and brightness
• High precision and resolution (e.g. air pressure 0.012 mbar and temperature 0.01°C)
• Control via USB, WIFI or with Raspberry Pi
• Modifiable: More buttons, more sensors and own software

Technical specifications:
Air pressure: 10 mbar - 1200 mbar in 0.012 mbar increments
Lighting strength: 0 lux - 900 lux in 0.1 lux increments
Relative air humidity: 0% RH - 10% RH in 0.1% RH increments
Temperature: -40°C - 85°C in 0.01°C increments
WxDxH (mm): 240x46x100

Included with delivery:
• 1x master brick
• 1x ambient light bricklet
• 1x barometer bricklet
• 1x humidity bricklet
• 1x LCD 20x4 bricklet
• 1x weather station housing, transparent
• 1x USB cable 180 cm
• 1x fastening screws
• 2x mounting kits12 mm
• 3x mounting kits 9 mm
• 4x bricklet cable black 15 cm

Use the detailed documentation from the following link in all cases: Documentation

Manufacturer : TINKERFORGE
Package weight : 0.647 kg
RoHS : conform
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