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DIAMEX PROG-S2 :: ISP programmer for AVR/STM32/NXP/LPC



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PROG-S for Atmel AVR, STM32, NXP and LPC controllers

A real all-rounder. Three different programming modes allow it to be used in a variety of applications. The Atmel AVR controllers and ST and NXP Cortex-M controllers can be programmed via the ISP interface and UART bootloader respectively. A DIP switch can be used to select between Atmel AVR, STM32 and NXP/LPC. As a special treat, a fourth mode—which emulates a USB-to-serial converter—is included.

NEW for AVR mode! The adaptive bit-rate adjustment automatically detects and adjusts SPI bit rates that are set too high.
Target voltage supply is also possible via the DIL switch. This voltage can be set to 5 V or 3.3 V and can be switched on or off.
This helping hand for professionals, hobbyists and ambitious novices is delivered in an original laser-cut Plexiglas® housing. Electronics and housing are made entirely in Germany. Two integrated status LEDs indicate the current status of the

Software support:
• AVR Studio 4, AVR Studio 5
• ATMEL Studio 6 and 7
• Bascom with setting options->Programmer = STK500: C:\Programs\Atmel\AVR Tools\STK500\stk500.exe and installed AVR Studio
• Flash Magic for NXP controllers
• STM32 Flash loader

Supports the following microcontrollers:
• Atmel ATtiny
• Atmel ATMega
• Atmel AT90xx
• All other AVR controllers that support the SPI programming interface
• All STM32 Cortex-M controllers with UART bootloader
• All NXP/LPC Cortex-M controllers with UART bootloader

Technical data:
• Four different operating modes: AVR, STM, NXP/LPC and USB serial converter up to 1 Mbit
• Very fast programming cycle thanks to onboard processor and sophisticated firmware
• Adaptive bit-rate adjustment automatically detects SPI bit rates that are set too high
• Target power supply of 3.3 V maximum 120 mA, 5 V maximum 500 mA, depending on the PC
• Does not require power supply from the target
• Command-compatible with STK500
• USB 2.0 compatible
• Two LEDs for function control
• Very fast data transfer at 12 MB
• Data transfer configurable using software, slower speeds selectable
• Own consumption: approx. 15 mA

• ISP programmer in a coloured Plexiglas housing (colour may vary)
• ISP 10-pin connector, standard Atmel, approx.15 cm
• USB mini cable

Please note:
• This programmer cannot program ATXmega controllers with the PDI interface or ATtiny 4/5/10 with the TPI interface
• NXP controllers with 8051 core (LPC9xx) are not supported by this programmer
• STM8 controllers are not supported by this programmer

Installation information:
Only the "PROG-S2-ISP.ZIP" file is required to install the appropriate virtual COM port driver. Extract the files from the ZIP file to the chosen directory on your PC. In the Device Manager, open the unknown device by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "Update Driver Software...". In the window that opens, select the directory in which you saved the file "PROG-S2-ISP.INF".
For driver installation on Windows 8.x, please read the information on our forum.
No driver installation is required for Windows 10 as the programmer is automatically detected as a serial USB device.

You can find the driver under "Datasheets & Downloads".

Manufacturer : DIAMEX
Factory number : ERFOS PROG-S2
Package weight : 0.064 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Programmer
    • Model
    • Design
    • For basic knowledge
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    • Housing