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SDP 8600-001 :: Optoschmitt detector, side view

Item-No.: SDP 8600-001
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

SDP 8600-001

The SDP86XX series is a family of single-chip Optoschmitt IC detectors moulded in a side-view, black plastic enclosure. This minimises the effect of visible ambient light. The photodetector consists of a photodiode, amplifier, voltage regulator, Schmitt trigger and NPN output transistor with 10 KOhm pull-up resistor (nominal). Output rise and fall times are independent of the rate of change of incident light. Detector sensitivity has been internally temperature-compensated. Flexibility of applications is increased by the choice of three different lead configurations; in-line (SDP8601/8611), 0.05-inch (1.27 mm) offset pin circle (SDP8600/8610) and 0.10-inch (2.54 mm) offset centre lead (SDP8602/8612).
Buffer output is HI (high) if incident light intensity exceeds the switch-on limit value.
Inverter output is LO (low) if light intensity is above the switch-on limit value.

• Side-view of plastic enclosure
• Acceptance angle of 55° (nominal)
• Large sensitivity ranges
• Compatible with TTL/LSTTL/CMOS
• Buffer (SDP8600/8601/ 8602) or inverting (SDP8610/8611/ 8612) logic (optional)
• Three different lead intervals
• Mechanically and spectrally adapted to SEP8506 and SEP8706 infrared emitting diodes

Technical product data:
Angular response (degrees): 50
Radiation density switch-on limit: 2.5 mW/cm² (max.)
Output: 10 kOhm pull-up resistor
Output logic: buffer
Packet type: side view
Package components: plastic
Housing colour: black
Power dissipation: 100 mW
Operating temperature: -40 - +85°C
Hysteresis (H): 5% to 30%
Supply voltage: 12.0 V DC
High-level output voltage: 2.4 V minimum
Low-level output voltage: 0.4 V maximum
Short-circuit output current -20 - -100 mA
Integrated pull-up resistor: 5.0 kOhm min., 10.0 kOhm typical, 20.0 kOhm max.
Output rise time: 60 ns
Output fall time: 15 ns
Propagation delay, low-high, high-low: 5.0 µs
Clock frequency: 100 kHz
Radiation density: 25 mW/cm²
Supply current (max): 12 mA @ 25°C
Operating point: 62 µW/cm² @ 25°C
Output current: 18 mA max.

Manufacturer : HONEYWELL
Factory number : SDP8600-001
Package weight : 0.0001 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information