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SD 1440-003L :: Phototransistor, coaxial metal enclosure

Item-No.: SD 1440-003L
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

SD 1440-003L

The SD1440 series consists of NPN silicon phototransistors mounted in coaxial enclosures in compact metal cases with glass lenses. The enclosure can optionally have a lug welded to the enclosure or a connection wire (SD1440-XXXL). Both connection wires are flexible and can be deformed to fit different attachment configurations.

• Compact coaxial metal enclosure
• Acceptance angle of 24° (nominal)
• Large sensitivity ranges
• Wide operating temperature range [-55°C to 125°C]
• Mechanically and spectrally adapted to SE1450 and SE1470 infrared emitting diodes

Technical product specifications:
Product type: IR component
Angular response (degrees): 24
Minimum luminous flux: 3.0 mA
Page type: coaxial, leaded enclosure
Reverse breakdown voltage: 50 V
Output wavelength: 935 nm
Rise and fall time: 15 µs
Power dissipation: 75 mW
Operating temperature: -55 - +125°C
Dark current: 100 nA
Collector emitter breakdown voltage: 30 V
Emitter collector breakdown voltage: 5 V
Collector emitter saturation voltage: 0.4 V

Manufacturer : HONEYWELL
Factory number : SD1440-003L
Package weight : 0.0001 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information