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AAR PBS2 :: Near-field sniffer probes, active, DC - 9 GHz


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Near field sniffer probe
    • Design
    • Active
  • Electrical values
    • Bandwidth
    • 9000 MHz

Active high-performance near-field probe set with 40-dB EMC preamplifier with very wide frequency range of up to 9 GHz. High accuracy. Integrated tripod connection for perfect alignment.

The Aaronia EMC probe set can be used with any spectrum analyser, oscilloscope or measurement receiver. It enables easy localization and measurement of noise sources from DC (1 Hz) to 9 GHz in electronic modules, as well as implementation and monitoring of various EMC measurements. All probes feature an insulating layer, enabling reliable measurements on oscillators and power cables. Perfect for locating sources of interference that need to be reported in accordance with EN 55011, EN55022 and EN50371 (class A or B). The corresponding interference suppression measures are also easy to monitor. This avoids expensive and time-consuming laboratory measurements (e.g. for reassessment after reworking the circuit).

  • Five different near-field probes for measuring H and E-fields. The probes offer optimum sensitivity and spatial resolution in various frequencies

  • Passive or active mode can be selected by adding/omitting the preamplifier (included in the scope of delivery)

  • Preamplifier with integrated LiPo battery (up to 3.5-h operating time)

  • Covered with an insulating layer for reliable measurements

  • Very practical design including rubberised grip

  • Compact size, perfect for precise location of sources of interference, allows access to the smallest fields

  • Integrated electrostatic shield for common mode rejection

  • Can be used with a signal generator to generate fields for noise immunity tests

  • Gain increases with frequency in a very linear fashion, providing a high level of accuracy

  • Preamplifier offers integrated calibration data on EEPROM (can be read out via USB)

  • Typical standard calibration data and Excel spreadsheet for converting dBm into V/m and A/m (on CD)

  • Extra-wide frequency range up to 9 GHz

  • High precision; suitable for field strength and EMC measurements

  • Including tripod connection for perfect alignment and reproducibility

Included with delivery:
50-mm EMC probe, 25-mm EMC probe, 12-mm EMC probe, 6-mm EMC probe, directional E-field EMC probe, UBBV2 EMC broadband preamplifier, 2 mounting brackets (guide rails) for mounting the UBBV2 on the SPECTRAN, LiPo battery (integrated into UBBV2), international charger and power supply unit incl. adapter set for UBBV2, SMA tool, cleaning brush, aluminium transport case with foam inserts, pistol grip with mini tripod function, SMB to SMA cable (1 m), typical calibration data and Excel spreadsheet for converting dBm to V/m, A/m, G and T (on CD)

Technical data:
Near-field probe set suitable for any spectrum analyser or measuring receiver
Design: Active H- and E-near-field probe
Frequency range: DC (1 Hz) to 9 GHz
Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
Preamplifier: UBBV2 (40 dB, 1 kHz to 10 GHz)
Gain: Depends on the probe (see data sheet).
Antenna factor: depends on the probe (see data sheet).
RF connection: SMB (m) or SMA via supplied cable
Tripod connection: 1/4 "

Manufacturer : AARONIA
Factory number : 721
Package weight : 3 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Near field sniffer probe
    • Design
    • Active
  • Electrical values
    • Bandwidth
    • 9000 MHz